Posted by: monsonmadness | June 6, 2011

The people

If islands grew in proportion to the goodness and kindness of their inhabitants, I don’t suppose the entire Pacific Ocean could contain American Samoa.

The people here have been so wonderful to me. People have taken me into their homes, given me delicious food, and sent me back to my hotel with the next two meals, carefully wrapped. I came to the island with no car, and tonight I have two, just because that’s the way people here are. Take mine, a person I only met the day before told me, keep it for as long as you want.

I went down to the hotel reception to heat up my dinner, and someone saw that I didn’t have a drink, so they brought me one.
I was talking to a lady in the hotel lobby while I ate and somehow we got on the subject of pianos. My daughter is a classical pianist, the woman said. Right, I thought imagining a plucky version of chopsticks. You should come hear her sometime, she said. I’d love to, I said. And I meant it because I don’t have much else to do in the evenings. Actually, the woman said, she will give you your own concert right now. This junior in high school then sat down at the piano and played as well as I have ever heard anyone play. Technically challenging stuff played beautifully. I applauded and they were so happy. So was I. It’s a very good place here. I am sure there are problems too, but the people I have met have been so friendly and helpful. I found a house today to rent. They are giving it to me at an amazing price. The wife wasn’t even planning on renting it, but was willing to just to help me.

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