Posted by: monsonmadness | June 17, 2011

Our house

So after the first week of being in American Samoa, Michael’s honeymoon period ended. No more nice clean hotels rooms with Internet access. Michael found us a home, and spent the next week trying to fix it up for us. I guess he hasn’t felt like making many posts, or perhaps he didn’t feel he had much to say.
He has been caulking up the cracks in the walls trying to stop the ants coming in. He has been patching up the holes in the floor so that the cockroaches wouldn’t swim in the puddles. He has installed mesh screens on the outside of the windows so that we could open up the windows, and let a breeze come into the house, cooling it down and getting rid of the muggy air. He has started to “befriend” the wild dogs outside the house, and hasn’t yet named the gecko in our house.
His current projects include trying to fix the fridge and freezer, buying gas tanks for the stove and dryer, installing random things, and deep cleaning. Lots of deep cleaning.
Here are the photos of our house in random order. Don’t you love the blue walls and red roof? We have showers but no baths. This will be hard to clean the babies, but it will avoid the problem of them drinking the water which they sometimes do and getting sick.
I am so grateful that Michael found us a house that has a roof, walls, hot water, and a WASHER AND DRYER! Yippee, I know I wouldn’t do well doing the laundrymat thing with six kids. Thank you Michael.














  1. It looks better than I had envisioned. 🙂 I actually like having a colorful house. This will be such a great experience for you and your family. Enjoy and make the most of it1 🙂 🙂 🙂

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