Posted by: monsonmadness | June 22, 2011

My sisters

Well, it seems only appropriate that I mention some of the things that my “sisters” have done for me over the last month, because surely I wouldn’t have survived without them.
My sisters have opened their homes to me and my children for babysitting and for meals. They have come to my house and helped me pack and clean. They have helped me set up for my yard sale, helped me when my crawl space flooded (even getting down there in the dirty water). I have a sister who has brought me dinner twice, even at the very last minute when her life is just as crazy as mine. I have another sister who brought me dinner in the middle of a thunderstorm and lightening was striking everywhere (heard that it did actually strike a house down the street) and a sister who did my carpool run to give me more time to pack. My sisters have let me borrow things to make my life easier, they print things off for me after my computer and printer had been shipped, and they bring me my favorite treats.

My sisters have taken my kids to the park, done crafts with them, let them play the Wii, put on water parties for them, and made cute gifts for them. They have taken care of some of my children during church, and helped me load them into the car afterwards. They have given unselfishly of their husbands to help me move, get the screws out of the wall that I couldn’t budge, and cut up the tree limb that I couldn’t lift that fell in a storm.

I have a sister who has spent hours on line and on the phone trying to help me get quotes for shipping. This same sister has brought me dinner, watched my kids, and dropped whatever was going on in her own life to clean out my car before we shipped it. She even brought me my favorite fast food lunch on my moving day which she took the time to sit and eat with me and then help me clean some more.

I have a sister who spent hours making things for the kids to do on the plane, I have several sisters who offered to fly with me to help with the children, and one who as of Saturday night is really going to do it! Now there’s a true sister. I have sisters who offered to help me drive the gas out of my car before it shipped, and who brought me moving boxes. One sister was dealing with a death in the family, and still made time to help me set up my blog. Others have written me sweet notes. Oh, how I will miss my sisters.

Emotionally, I have depended on my sisters for my very sanity. I have a sister who, every day for the last month, has emailed me an exciting fact about American Samoa so that I could remain positive and start getting excited about this scary move. I have a sister who has given her time to let me vent and cry on the phone (and in person) when it seemed like everything was going wrong. No judgments, no trying to give advice, just a kind, listening ear for a sister in distress. There have been several other sisters who have been patient and accepting with my tears and frustrations. I haven’t felt like any of them were judging me.

My sisters have been there for me when I have needed a break, and to add some fun time to the insanity that the last few weeks have been. I have enjoyed so much the “playtime” I have had with my dear sisters friends, including playing games, going out for Indian food, and playing tennis, as well as hiking and swimming in Midway.

The sisters in my life help me to understand service and sacrifice. I have a lot of service and sacrifice that I need to perform in my new life in American Samoa if I am to come close to paying back the kindnesses that have been extended to me by so many marvelous women. I am so grateful for that opportunity.

President Gordon B. Hinckley said it best, “The women in our lives are endowed with particular qualities, divine qualities, which cause them to reach out in kindness and with love to those about them. How thankful we all must be for the women in our lives.”


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