Posted by: monsonmadness | June 23, 2011

The move

This post is mainly to show Michael what his super wife was able to do while he was gone. I realise that I’m making a lot of posts, and I know that I won’t be as consistent when I’m in a normal routine, but for now, the kids are all sleeping and I finally got some recent photos uploaded so here you go…

This is the 20ft container that was driven to my driveway. It was completely up to me to load this beast and secure everything. The bed is 4 ft off the ground. Have any of you ever thought about how you would get a minivan up that high? Even though the trucker thought I was crazy, (and this was the first vehicle that he has ever loaded), I had Trent, so I was ok. Trent is the husband of my dear friend Alicia, and he owns a tow truck company. I could not have done this without him. Even thought I singlehandedly packed all of the boxes and loaded everything into the car, he got the car in, (and almost couldn’t get himself out!) and braced it all for me. We had to disconnect the battery, then we locked up the car, locked up the container, and are now praying that 1. It doesn’t sink somewhere in the pacific, and 2. that everything doesn’t get stolen like we’ve heard has happened to several people.

Yes, I was feeling pretty tough after this huge task was done, even though I was sobbing like a little girl just minutes before. Quite an emotional rollercoaster…


  1. I hope you continue to post a lot- I love them! You are amazing!! I can’t believe you did all that!

  2. Impressive!

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