Posted by: monsonmadness | July 1, 2011

Contact information

Well, we finally have all of our contact information ready to share. The reason it took so long? There are no such thing as addresses in American Samoa. Mail is not delivered to homes, and so people just have PO Boxes. Mail arrives on the island twice a week on the flights from the mainland, so people just drive to the Post Office and pick up their mail then. There are no street names in American Samoa (other than Road 1 which is the main road on the island). You have to give people directions to your house based on landmarks. Michael has tried to give people directions to our house without much success, they don’t even use “left and right” here, never mind “north and south” like we were used to in Utah.

Anyway, our home phone number is 684-699-3222 and Michael’s cell phone number is 684-733-5024. They are dialed just like other US numbers, so US people, you just dial a 1 first, and UK people, you do 001, and then the number. It will be considered an international call, even for people calling from the US, so beware. We did set ourselves up with a Skype account where we can make free video calls, so you can request us if you like at helen.monson1

Our PO box address is:

PO BOX 982826

Leone, American Samoa 96799

There was a wait list of over 300 people to get a PO BOX that fits packages, so we have a smaller one just for envelopes, and for packages, we get a slip in our box saying we need to pick it up from the main post office on the other side of the island.

As far as mailing things goes, for those of you in the US, ONLY use priority mail. Flat rate boxes or envelopes are the best and cost the same as they do on the mainland. I sent Michael something in a priority flat rate envelope and it took 3 weeks to get here. We have been told that sending things any other way takes months. For you in the UK, I don’t know what to tell you…I guess just send it the cheapest way you can and it will probably get to us in a couple of months, so all of you who were wanting to send me crisps to make me happy, just check the expiration date first!

Our home is in Vaitogi village (pronounced Vai-ton-gee) Here is a link to google earth 3D which will zoom in with our house marked, so you can see exactly where we live. Our house – google earth 3D

Let me know if you want me to send the kids out into the back yard to wave so that you can see it in real time!

Of course, email will probably be the fastest and easiest way to get hold of us, and our email addresses have not changed.

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