Posted by: monsonmadness | July 2, 2011

Evening explorations

Last night after dinner we got in the car and went exploring. It gets dark here pretty early so we only had about an hour of sunlight left. We drove to the west side of the island. It was beautiful. There were some nice homes and breath taking views. Even though the island is really small, it takes a long time to drive around. The speed limit is between 15-25mph and the roads are bad. We drove about 5 miles last night and it took us about an hour.

Mary didn't want to have her seat belt on, so Matthew told her he would stroke her hair and sing "Praise to the Man" to make her happy.

Emma was so happy to be on the beach with her "Daddeee". They even looked like twins.

Kids really wanted to get in the water even though we didn't bring their swimming things.

I love this photo. Cute little palm tree in the middle of the ocean.

Could have stayed and played all night long

Now it really is time to go home and get the kids to bed. Great Friday night with the family.


  1. Enjoyed your Friday night excursion. What is the temperature and humidity like?

  2. I love reading about your adventures. 🙂

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