Posted by: monsonmadness | July 5, 2011

Painted gecko

Since yesterday was the 4th July, Michael didn’t have to go into work. We spent the morning swimming in the ocean and getting caught in a rainstorm. In the afternoon, I decided that since we were celebrating freedom and independence, we would begin the move towards independence from dirt, stains and bugs. I bought some mold and mildew proof paint and went to work in Hannah and Mary’s room.

In most of the rooms there are some walls with baseboards and some without. Some of the windows have wooden frames around them. some are bare. The walls are all white (or at least were white once upon a time) and are just painted cinder blocks. I painted all of the wooden trim and baseboards white (real, clean white). I’d love to paint the walls a color as well, but probably need to get permission from the landlord first. I also bought some cute fabric yesterday and will be making curtains and pillow cases for the girls. Anyway, as I was up on a chair painting the window trim, I heard this strange squealing noise. I thought it was an exotic bird outside, then suddenly, two black geckos ran out of the corner of the window and got stuck in the wet paint. I screamed and they squealed. Michael came running in and was able to catch one in a net and take it outside. The other one managed to mess up my paint job before retreating back into the wall. Pretty sure they won’t survive being covered in white paint, so much for their freedom!

I will send pictures of the room after it is finished, did not manage to get a photo of the painted gecko. Hope you had a great independence day.



  1. Ha ha!! That is funny!!! The beach looks like fun!

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