Posted by: monsonmadness | July 15, 2011

Flag day holiday

Tomorrow is flag day, and so today, the American Samoan government is giving all of their employees the day off to celebrate “Manu’a Day” Thank you very much. In honor of this day, we decided to work hard and play hard.

Our twin mattress arrived in the container with the car but we daren’t put it directly on the floor. Beds cost several hundred dollars, so Michael has decided to build one himself. He went to the store this morning to buy the lumber and is outside right now working on it with the boys. We are hoping he can get it done this weekend so that it will be ready for Nanna when she arrives next week.

When Dad was at the store this morning, the rest of us started a baseball game with the local kids. They are GOOD! We need to learn some lessons from them.

I came out once and brought them all crackers. The kids tried to say “thank you” in their broken English, and one kid was so happy that he smiled, then ran off for a few minutes, and when he came back he had climbed a lime tree and brought me an armful of limes. AWESOME.

I was so happy that I went back in the house and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and took them out to the kids. Then THEY were so happy!

We had a few minutes left before lunch, so we decided everyone needed to get a little cooler, so all the boys lined up for a turn. Great day.

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