Posted by: monsonmadness | July 16, 2011

International friends

So I have started attending a palagi (white people) playgroup!!!! Sounds funny, but it’s mostly made up of Moms who only live here while their husband’s are on contracts for a few years. Many of the professionals who work on the island are “imported” in from other countries! There are still other nationalities here though, not all Caucasians. For example, today at playgroup there was me from Wales, two Americans, one Australian, one from New Zealand, one from Canada, one from Madagascar, and one from Tahiti. These Moms want a place for their kids to play and have friends, and for me, it’s a great place to make friends and get important tips. They all seem to know so much and I feel like a little kid. They know the tips and tricks of doctors visits, hospital treatments, good hikes to go on, good beaches to go etc. My kids love playing with new friends and playing in paddling pools since it’s always so hot and we don’t have one. Some of their houses are fantastic. The one I went to today was high up on the island overlooking the golf course and the ocean and they pay the same in rent that we do. Started coveting a little bit. Well, a lot actually. Need to be grateful for what we have. Haven’t seen a cockroach since Monday…that’s something to be grateful for.


  1. I would agree about the cockroaches!!! Playgroup sounds fun. That would be fun to meet people from so many different places.

  2. Is it impossible to get a different house or morally are you not able to aspire for better things?
    Do you mix only with the white people or have you made friends with the locals? I must say, even though I originally craved europeans as friends when we’ve stayed in Turkey – but I find them quite tedious now, I don’t like thier colonial attitude and the way they look down on the native population. That doesn’t mean they are all the same of course!
    You’ll find great warmth in the local people, excellent shopping and cooking tips and effective stragies to deal with cockraoches! Fasinating to learn thier traditions and habits and it’s always good to learn a different language! xx

    • The houses are the same as this or worse. We really are very fortunate. There are people living behind us in shacks. one roomed wooden boarded shacks that used to be toilets for construction or something. We are so blassed. We are mixing with the locals too, the kids have lots of friends that they play with, but i also like mixing with people who I can communicate with, and who can give me advice and tips on things I need to know to get along as well and fun things to do!

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