Posted by: monsonmadness | July 18, 2011

Site stats

One of the interesting things about having a blog is checking out the site stats. As of today, I have had my blog for exactly one month. I have made 27 posts and have had 76 comments. Are you one of them?

In that one month of having a blog, my blog has had 3308 views, with 462 views on my highest day. Didn’t know I had that many friends.

Anyway, thought it was interesting and wanted to send this out so that I could get some feedback from you. If you have questions about our lives or want to know something in particular about our lives in American Samoa, send a comment, so I know what I can gear my blog posts to. Want to make sure I keep my readers happy!



  1. OH! I miss sitting with you guys so much on Sundays! Tell all of the kids that I miss them and hope they are having a great time on their crazy adventure! I can’t wait to see all of them 🙂 Tell all the kids hi for me!

  2. No suggestions. Just love to read the funny experiences of your day to day life! Keep it coming!!

  3. I love it all! Your voice come through so clear in your writing! Miss those kiddies in Primary but am happy for the memories you guys are making.

  4. Helen, we love to read your blog. Your life is so far removed from ours, it makes fascinating reading! I Just spoke to your Mum and wished her well on her long trip to visit you. She promised to email me when she arrives. I am so glad you have got your vehicle safely, and that everything was inside, as it should be! What a relief, and what a struggle you had to actually claim it!

  5. Hi Helen, you probably haven’t even met me – well, maybe years ago when I visited Wrexham – I’m your mum’s walking friend Pam’s oldest daughter Julie… (make any sense?!!)
    Mum told me about your adventures, and in fact sent all the family a link to your blog. I happened accidentally to save it so it appears at the top of my internet page (in the toolbar?) and it honestly is a delight to take a peek. Rainy windy England (yes, it’s summer!) is enlightened by your reports! Especially the PG13 rated one – I did laugh! Please keep ’em coming…

    • That’s funny. Hope I’m not boring you by now!

  6. #1 you guys are our friends…….#2 It is very entertaining to read your stories

  7. Helen, people told me I should have written a blog while going through cancer treatment. Glad I didn’t, uplifting blogs like yours are far nicer to read 🙂 xx

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