Posted by: monsonmadness | July 19, 2011

First visitor

It is 7pm on Tuesday night in American Samoa. My Mum is leaving her house in North Wales right now, and driving to the Manchester airport. She will endure four flights over three continents to travel about 10,000 miles exactly half way around the world. This is the absolute furthest that she could travel to visit us. She is due to arrive here on Thursday night around 10pm, about 50 hours of travel. We are THRILLED to have a visitor. The kids are hyper, and I can’t wait for my Mum to arrive. If her visits are anything like usual, we will do lots of fun things with the kids, play lots of games in the evenings, and she will bring me treats. Sounds like a perfect arrangement to me.

In honor of her visit, I worked my butt off today getting a bedroom ready for her. Michael worked really hard too. He made (yes, you read that right) a twin bed for her, and I painted the walls, made curtains, sheets, and pillow cases, and put decorations up. Daniel and Emma normally share that room, but we thought Nanna might like a bit of privacy (If she can pretend the ants aren’t her roommates), so she gets to try out the new room first.

Can’t believe she’ll be travelling for the next two days, and the kids won’t get to see her until Friday. Can’t wait for the weekend, hooray!


  1. Wow- that is a long trip! She’s awesome!!

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