Posted by: monsonmadness | July 22, 2011

Michael’s job

So some of you have been wondering about Michael’s job. He works as in-house counsel for ASPA (American Samoa Power Authority). They cover all of the power on the island as well as the garbage, sewer, water etc. He hasn’t exactly been very busy since he got here, everything is a lot slower paced than on the mainland (times by about 100) so you just have to learn to roll with things, and you can never be in a hurry for anything or be impatient.

Michael’s work is located about 10 minutes from our home above a seafood restaurant in a dodgy building, but at least he has his own office and it’s nicer than our house! This is the view from his office window. Not bad…

He recently attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new power plant on the island and got to the meet the governor, as well as working on expanding utilities and some clean energy projects. There are some more exciting things that he’s been doing, but they are confidential and he won’t let me write about them!!!!!! We are a one car family now, and he has started riding a bike to work each day. He likes the exercise and there is a shower at work to rinse off. He carries a bottle of vinegar to squirt at the dogs, and carries a poncho in case of a rainstorm. What a sight 🙂


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