Posted by: monsonmadness | July 23, 2011

Best day of my life

“This is the best day of my life” Hannah said to me today when we were swimming in the ocean together. “I love you Mama” said Daniel while I was playing with him in the waves. “Can we come here for my birthday on Tuesday?” said Benjamin. What a perfect day.

This morning we got up early, packed a picnic, filled up the car with gas, and headed off at 20mph to explore the National Park of American Samoa and the north side of the island. This is America’s only national park south of the equator. We had to drive around Pago Pago harbor, and then take a road over the mountain range until we dropped back down onto the other side. There was one cool part of the road at the top of the ridge where we could see the ocean on both sides of us.

The scenery was breathtaking and we took lots of photos between the three of us. We had been warned about the condition of the road so we were prepared when the paved road ended and the dirt track turned into potholes and big rocks. I only scraped the bottom of the car once, and I didn’t even hit the angry dogs that ran out at us that we had been warned about on our park map.

Our first hike was a really short one to a rocky beach with a great view of Pola island. Our second hike was a steep trail down to the ocean but was pretty dangerous down at the cliffs. Climbing back up to the car with Mary on my back almost killed me, and we all collapsed for a few minutes in the fale at the top before having a nice lunch. It was fun to see lizards and other cool birds as we hiked with lots of birds, hens and chicks on the roads. We also saw flying fish jumping out of the ocean as we drove past.

After lunch we headed for the beach and enjoyed the warm water. Everyone except for Emma and Michael frolicked in ocean for a couple of hours and had a great time. Emma is afraid of the water, and Michael was having a photography day. I’m sure he’ll get some of his pictures on his blog soon.

The babies fell asleep on the drive home but were happy to be woken up for an ice cream once we reached Nuuuli. Our friend recommended a place to us that serves ice cream (only on Saturdays) so we had to check it out. Yes, it was worth it, even if we had to spend 20 minutes cleaning out the residue that the babies left in the car seats when we got home. You should have seen Nanna’s face when she had her huge freshly baked waffle cone with ice cream drizzled with Ghiradelli dark chocolate sauce. Definitely worth $1.50. Cheapest thing on the island. We’ll be going there again, that’s for sure.

Follow all of this with a yummy breakfast dinner (didn’t even burn anything on the gas hob), showers, games, and a wonderful devotional, and you have a perfect day.

The end.



  1. OK, Now you’re making me really jealous!!! The scenery is so incredible. You are a great photographer. I’m happy your mum could be there.

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