Posted by: monsonmadness | July 27, 2011

Benjamin’s birthday

Yesterday was Benjamin’s 8th birthday. He is such a delightful boy, and has really matured a lot over the last year. He was so appreciative of every gift that he received, even the non-toy gifts like his scouting book and uniform, his baptism clothes and book, and even his church suit and scriptures. His favorite gift was his helicopter from Auntie Cathy. He won’t put it down!

After a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that Benjamin chose, we were able to skype with Auntie Cathy, Auntie Claire, and Grandad who wanted to sing happy birthday.

Since Dad would be at Young Men’s in the evening, we decided to meet him for lunch to celebrate instead. Ever since we came to the island (one month ago today) Benjamin has been wanting to go to KFC, so that is where we went, and boy, was he happy!

We are a one car family now, and Dad needed to have the car at 4.30pm, so we realised that if we were going to go to the beach like Benjamin wanted, we would have to do it at nap time instead of afterwards. Those of you who know me well know that nap time is a sacred time in our house and we only sacrifice nap time for something VERY important.

We drove to a new beach and had about 5 minutes in the water before the heavens opened and the rain came down HARD. The rain was colder than the ocean, it was weird, but fun!

This may be our new favorite beach, the water was so clear and it was really fun to swim in, but the waves were big and strong, and it wasn’t very safe for the little ones. Luckily for us, Emma was asleep in the car, and we had two adults to supervise the rest of the kids. We stayed for a couple of hours and then had treats. I love this photo of Mary.

On the way home, we drove through the biggest rain storm we had seen since we have been here, and the road was flooded in several places. Made it home, cleaned up, and Benjamin got to speak to Grandma on the phone.

Benjamin continued to choose the activities of the day which included watching his new Tom and Jerry DVD (Twice) and laughing hysterically. We were also surprised when Michael showed up with three of his young men later that evening. Turns out that one of the boys also had a birthday the same day as Benjamin. His name was Boogie (not a nickname!) and he was turning 15. We invited them in for birthday cake, and they sang “Happy Birthday” to Benjamin in Samoan.

All in all, a great birthday and a very happy little boy.



  1. Happy Birthday Benjamin!! What a fun day!

  2. Very cute! Happy Birthday Benjamin!

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