Posted by: monsonmadness | July 30, 2011

My heart is full

I love this photo! We have had a great day. Everyone else is fast asleep in bed, and I am the lone blogger, left to write about the events of the day.

I just can’t tell you how proud I am of Benjamin. He has been a delight lately. He is so happy about everything, and he just LOVED his baptism day. I think that most of you reading this are familiar now with LDS baptisms, but if not, click on for more information.

Benjamin shared his baptism day with another little boy in our ward who turned 8 years old just three days before Benjamin. His name is Charlie Ho Ching III. Both boys were adorable. I love the photo of them standing side by side, blonde Benjamin with his shirt, pants and tie, and dark little Charlie with lava lava, flip flops and necklace. So cute. As you can see, the important similarity in the photo is the white clothing, symbolising the purity of the boys as their sins (although they don’t really have any at this young age) are washed clean.

It was really neat that the baptismal font was outside, normally the fonts are inside the church. Benjamin said that the water was cold, but the rest of us were sweating away in the heat watching. For those of you who don’t know, the water for the baptism isn’t special or symbolic at all. The baptism could be done in any body of water. For example, my brother in law was baptised in the River Ribble in Preston, my Mum was baptised in a swimming pool in France, and Michael baptised people in the ocean in Africa on his mission. The thing that is important is that the baptism is done by immersion, just like John the Baptist baptised Jesus by immersion.

The Spirit was very strong when the baptisms were being performed. Charlie’s sister could obviously feel the spirit strongly and she was very emotional. It was touching and sweet. Benjamin was gleaming when he came up out of the water. I felt so much joy.

After the boys and their fathers were dried and changed, we continued with the service. We shared the program between families, it was so nice. Both boys had a sibling say a prayer, they both chose a grandmother to give a talk, and the siblings sang the musical numbers. Both had their fathers baptise them and confirm them.

Daniel had previously given a great prayer all by himself. Nanna had spoken about the importance of baptism and why we needed to be baptised, to become members of Jesus’ church, and so that we could return to live with Heavenly Father again. Charlie’s grandmother talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost, and what a privilege it is to be able to have a member of the Godhead to direct and guide us as we go through life.

We had three musical numbers. First, Matthew sang a solo of “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”, then Charlie’s sister and Hannah sang a duet called “When I am Baptised”, followed by all of the Ho Ching and Monson kids singing “Baptism”. Everyone sang beautifully, it was perfect.

Next it was time for the confirmations. Unfortunately for me, my two little girls were not exactly cooperating at this point and I had to stand up with them at the back. I didn’t hear what was said, but when we got home we talked about it and shared all of our recollections with each other. Dad told us that he had felt the spirit so strongly in the prayer. Through Michael, Benjamin was told that he had been prepared from before he was born for a special mission here on the earth, and that he was progressing well towards that mission. There were lots of other special things said, but most important was that Heavenly Father loved Benjamin very much.

Benjamin bore his testimony about how he knew that baptism was so important and he was happy to follow Christ’s example to be baptised, and how he knew he could now have the Holy Ghost to guide him and he can return to heaven and live with his family forever.

The Bishop shared some remarks, then we sang, had another prayer, and closed the meeting. Benjamin was thrilled when his primary teacher presented him with a lei made out of candy! Mom’s friend had also given her a beautiful flower lei, so we made sure we took a photo of the two of us together! We took some more pictures outside and had lemonade and desserts. It was a really nice afternoon.

When we got home, Benjamin wrote in his journal and drew some great pictures as well. We love Benjamin so much and are so proud of him. I know that he is old enough and mature enough now to be held responsible for the decisions that he makes. He is such a wonderful example to his brothers and sisters and we are so lucky to have him as part of our family. My heart is full. I just love this boy!



  1. Congratulations Monson Family!!

  2. Congratulations to Benjamin and to all the family on a very special day. Sure miss seeing your kids in our Primary but know you are a great asset where you are. Hugs to you all!

  3. Benjamin is so handsome.

  4. Beautiful smiles to capture what a great day it was. So happy for Benjamin and you and Michael.

  5. Benjamin, Hannah says Good Job!!!!!!!!! and a few extra !’s from Marian. Looks like this adventure for your family is turning out to be an amazing experience with lots of blessings.

  6. What an awesome kid! Whenever I’ve been around him I’ve sensed something extra special in him. Congratulations to him and your family! We miss you and think of you often!

  7. Congratulations, Benjamin! What a wonderful day !

  8. Congratulations to Benjamin!! Awesome pictures! I loved this post- I was able to feel the Spirit just from reading about his amazing day.

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