Posted by: monsonmadness | August 1, 2011

Updates and clarifications

I’ve had a few questions so I thought I’d send ten very random updates to answer them…

1. The pet deterrent thing did not work. The dogs are everywhere, although for whatever reason it seems the mean dogs have gone, and only the strays are left. We have about 4 or 5 dogs at our house for most of the day, but they don’t attack us. We have been attacked by dogs, they are mean and they charge at your car. So many of the wild dogs on the island walk around with a limp because they’ve been run over or had stones thrown at them. They are skinny and ratty looking and my kids are still afraid.

2. We only see about 3 small cockroaches (1 inch) and about 2 large cockroaches (3 inches) in our house each week.

3. I did not kill a dog. I did run over a dog. Like I said, they hang around our house all day, especially in the garage if it is raining. One day there were several sleeping around and under the car. I went outside to get in the car and turned it on, they normally move slowly away. I started reversing really slowly out of the garage and heard a painful yelp. I had hit one of the dogs, but it was able to limp away.

4. Got to show you these photos of my adorable sleeping children. Aren’t they cute?

5. We found a park! Actually we have found three on the island, but two of them are more than half an hour a way. This one is only about 10 minutes away and we really like it. The kids loving playing on the climbing frame, finding special pieces of garbage on the beach, and timing each other as they run laps around the park.

6. Yesterday for dessert we had banana cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh papaya off our tree outside. Everyone except for Michael tried the papaya and most of us liked it.

7. The injuries continue to pour in…on Saturday Emma fell and cut her face right on her eye. On Sunday Mary fell and split her head open on her forehead. Also on Sunday Matthew bit through his tongue while he was head butting the floor in a rage (maybe that doesn’t count because it’s self-inflicted), and today both Daniel and Benjamin got cuts from playing in the trees outside. All 6 of them in three days???? Thank goodness for antibiotic ointment.

8. Yesterday at church was the Monson family program! Our family was asked to do the sacrament meeting program. First Mary gave a one line talk, followed by Daniel, Hannah, Benjamin and Matthew who each gave a 5 minute talk on a Christ-like attribute that they were working on and how they were trying to be more like Jesus. Then our whole family sang “I’m trying to be like Jesus”. I spoke next about developing Christ-like attributes based on the general conference talk by Elder Robbins which can be found here, and then Michael finished up the program with a talk about how our reason for being here on the earth is to learn to become more like our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Thank goodness we had Nanna here to help us with Emma. It was hard being on the stand in front of everyone with the other 5, but if we’d had her up there as well….well let’s just say we probably would have lost our patience and not looked or acted very Christ-like!

9. Sunday afternoons here are hard. They are very hot, and very hard. Our church goes from 8-11am, so we have the rest of the day at home, and it gets really hot, especially since it’s the one day of the week that I turn the oven on and make a real meal. I just feel like I should, but being in that kitchen just about kills me in the heat. Anyway, after dinner we decided we just HAD to get out of the house, so we decided to have our family devotional on a fale at the beach instead. We kept our church clothes on and tried our best to reverence the sabbath, but we did have a great time watching the waves come up through the blow holes!

10. Lastly, you have all been waiting to see our new pet. Here he is. He greets us and sings his little clickly songs each night. He’s doing it as I type. There are at least four or five in the house at a time, but this is the fellow that we see the most. Any suggestions for names?



  1. How about Fred.

  2. Geico. Dumb!

    Also – I wanted to point out that Emma looks just like Michael and Mary looks just like you! Little duplicates! 🙂

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