Posted by: monsonmadness | August 4, 2011

Coconut Point

Today after chores were done (we’ve been working hard painting the bathroom, bedroom and family room, making curtains and cushion covers, and of course, all that laundry…) we decided we needed to have a little fun.

There are some very strict cultural rules here. The beaches belong to the village, and you have to get permission to use them. You also have to cover your body at all times, even when swimming. Covering your shoulders and knees is the norm, so we wear shorts and t-shirts over our swimsuits.

We headed off towards Coconut Point which we had heard was a beautiful beach but private. We had heard that sometimes if you ask permission from the people who live there, you are allowed to go to the beach so we thought it was worth a try.

We drove through poverty at the 5mph speed limit posted so we got to see a lot of sad living situations. We reached a point that had a sign posted with “private property”, no access allowed. We couldn’t go any farther, but there was still a nice little beach along the road that we thought we’d try instead so I got out and asked someone if it was ok if we swam there. They gave us permission and off we went.

Couldn’t resist getting some photos of the kids playing with the coconuts at coconut point. The coconuts were really heavy, but they float, so it was dangerous when the kids wanted to play catch with them in water, but it was great that the kids could use them as kick boards!

The water was as clear as anything we’d ever seen, and there was a little stone jetty so we decided this would be a great place to do some crazy jumps into the water. I didn’t have Michael’s nice camera with me, so we had to take a billion shots on my little camera because it was so delayed all I got were splashes as the kids entered the water. We had a great time and there were only two weird instances. The first was a local man coming over with a camera asking if he could take our photo as we were jumping. Very strange. Perhaps he was going to report us to someone in the village because we weren’t really supposed to be there. The second was a very unhappy elderly lady who came over towards us glaring with evil eyes as she pushed her wheelchair in front of her. We said hello but she ignored us. She sat right next to us with her back towards us until we got up to leave and then she left too. Maybe she wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to be any trouble. Weird. Anyway, the water was beautiful and warm and we had a fabulous time. Enjoy the photos.


  1. I didn’t know about the cultural dress code. That’s cool! Nice that it’s not a big adjustment for you! Fun pictures. I love the one of your Mom floating!!

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