Posted by: monsonmadness | August 11, 2011

The magic rice cooker

This is our magic rice cooker. I have never wanted a rice cooker before because in the states we use instant rice and I think it’s easier to just use that. In fact, I got a rice cooker for a wedding gift and my good friend Anteres really wanted one, so I traded ours for her rocking chair which I really wanted!!!!

In American Samoa there is no instant rice. We tried cooking white rice and brown rice in a regular pan with disastrous results, and since rice is eaten with almost every meal over here, we knew we needed to do something.

Even though I felt like a hypocrite, I bought Michael this rice cooker for our anniversary (in my family it is against the rules to buy a household item for a birthday or anniversary gift. In Michael’s family, it is a common thing, so I decided to just do it!)

The magic rice cooker knows how long to cook rice for no matter if it is white, brown, basmati or wild. It cooks it perfectly and then keeps it warm until we’re ready to eat it. We love our magic rice cooker. Most of all we love it because we don’t know how it works. If you know, please don’t tell us, as we like feeling this way…just like kids who still believe in Father Christmas and the tooth fairy. Life just isn’t the same when you know the magic isn’t real. Thank you magic rice cooker for helping us believe in magic and for making us delicious food to eat.


  1. We want one of those!!!

  2. haha we share the same love for rice cookers! i love rice way too much and use my rice cooker on the regular!

  3. i love rice cookers. they make cooking rice so easy! in japan they have ones that sing to you.

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