Posted by: monsonmadness | August 12, 2011

Getting certified

I have been really busy this week with Ta’aila Academy. Here are some photos of the school. This is from the outside, and the next one is the fale where they have weekly assemblies and where the kids play at recess if it’s raining. My kids love the rope swing and have spent MANY HOURS playing on it this week.


We have been working really hard at trying to get the school ready for classes to begin this Monday, but it didn’t work. Yesterday the decision was made to push school back a week, so now we don’t start until the 22nd. I am happy about this because my classroom still needs a new roof, painting, and walls putting up to divide it from the kitchen, but I am a bit disappointed because this week has been tough on my kids. We get to the school at 8.30am to start working and they are left alone until lunch time when I bring them home for lunch and naps. The other teachers stay longer than me, but I am only half day anyway, and I don’t have anyone to help with the kids. The older kids are fine playing soccer or baseball, but the little ones are having a hard time, and who can blame them. Emma wants to be with Mom, and Mary needs to go to the bathroom all the time so it’s hard for me to get much done. I want to fast forward to being in a finished classroom and spending quality time with my kids again.

Yesterday, ten missionaries from the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints came and volunteered a couple of hours to help us with the school. We set them to work assembling the playground and painting the rooms. Here are some photos of my classroom as it is right now. I will make sure to take some after shots once I have walls in and decorations up!

Today was another big training day, and we all got CPR and AED certified (Automated external defibrillator). I was surprised at how official and intense the training was. We all had to be tested individually and had to show how to do CPR and mouth to mouth on adult and infant mannequins, as well as the Heimlich for choking, and learning all other first aid. I have to tell you, I CAN’T STAND doing CPR on the infant mannequins. I don’t even like to look at them, it makes me want to cry. It is so sad, but I am now retrained and ready to save a life if I need to!


Training lasted almost 5 hours, and luckily for me the school wasn’t usable due to the construction, so I volunteered my house. This made is a little bit easier for the kids, I had them watch a movie in one of the bedrooms, but then they still had 3 ½ hours to play in their rooms. They did really well considering, and some of the older ones kept trying to sneak out because they were so interested in what we were doing. The little kids struggled and kept trying to come out. I was trying to learn things and was being tested so felt a bit stressed, I kept telling them to go back to their rooms, and they needed to stay in there, and what happened? You probably guessed it…Mary peed her pants because she thought she wasn’t allowed to come out of the room. Bad Mom, bad, bad Mom. I felt terrible. She’s gone all week, day and night with no accidents and look what I did. So sad.

When everyone left we had otter pops and then went to play at playgroup after naps so that the kids could splash in the paddling pool and have some fun. We will have to have some quality family time at the beach this weekend to make up for it all. I really don’t know how working Moms do it. Just can’t wait to get onto a normal routine again…


  1. Sounds crazy!! Can’t wait to see your classroom all finished.

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