Posted by: monsonmadness | August 13, 2011

Local market

Here is a post from last Friday when my Mum was still here. We drove down to Fagotogo to the local market. They have them every Friday night, with live entertainment on the first Friday of the month.

We had been told that this was the best place to go to try authentic Samoan food. It was a lot of fun. As you can see from the photos there were lots of things for sale, clothes, baskets, jewelry, bags etc. There was so much Samoan food to try. We have heard since that the banana soup and Cacoa Rice are to die for; we’ll have to try those next time. We were still a bit timid and only tried a few things that looked safe. We tried pankakes which were like deep fried dough balls, yum. They also had food from Tonga, Fiji, and even Mexican food. I tried some Fijian pork skewers, they were really good. Nanna bought a coconut but wasn’t very impressed with the coconut milk, it’s not how you think…it’s thin like water with not much taste. Good to try once though.

A group of men sat on a mat on the floor quietly singing with their guitars, the harmonies sounded great. I put in a short video clip below. Great atmosphere, a little hard to enjoy with trying to keep track of the kids, but a good experience for everyone, and Nanna got herself a t-shirt to take home!



  1. Something I just learned from our trip to Hawaii. The liquid you get when you first open a coconut is not the coconut milk. They call it coconut juice. You have to wring the milk itself out of the coconut flakes. Quite a fascinating process to watch. So maybe coconut milk might still be tasty. I don’t know. I’ve never tried it.

  2. I love that video, Helen. My mom has a lot of poly friends here and when I was little, we would always go to the Tongan wards. I loved listening to the hymns. They’re all very good singers and find beautiful harmonies that I have never heard anyone else ever sing. And they sing it with gusto!! If you ever stumble into a situation where you can record more songs, I would love it đŸ™‚ It’s gorgeous.

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