Posted by: monsonmadness | August 22, 2011

New school

Just like many of you, today was our first day of school. I wasn’t sure this day would actually happen. We were supposed to start last Monday, but due to construction delays, we pushed school back one week. Talk about crunch time over here. This is what my classroom looked like on Friday afternoon…

But, since I’m not the kind of person who panics when things aren’t exactly in order (ha! ha!) there were no worries! Actually, I worked my butt off all week long trying to get things ready. I think I scrubbed floors for a total of 12 hours in two days. On Saturday I went over to the school at 7am to try to get my classroom ready. Before I could start, there was a cafeteria to paint, whiteboards to hang, fans to install and lots more. I decided that Michael would be useful and so sent for him. Other than me taking the little ones home for naps, we both worked all day. I came home at 5.30pm, and he stayed until 11pm. Part of the reason for this was that by 3pm on Saturday afternoon, everyone had gotten sick of the napping construction workers who were already more than a week over schedule and we started letting them have it! They didn’t like this very much and walked off the job. True story. So, Michael, our Bishop and lots of other husbands and volunteers got to work trying to finish the drywall on the unfinished classrooms, laying tile, and doing their best to get the school ready for today.

The first day of school was a success. The classrooms were not all perfectly finished, but they were usable. My classroom is done. Do you like the finished look? Recognize most of the things from my playroom?

I sewed the colored flags and made the banner. My class is called the SUPERSTARS. Original huh? And this is how we all looked on our first day of school. The little girls weren’t too happy to be up so early and they were hungry. Breakfast and lunch are both served at the school, so we leave at 6.55am each day. Hooray for good education and lots of friends to play with!


  1. Your classroom looks great!! How fun!!

  2. What a big job. I can’t believe those construction workers! I bet you all were furious. You could have started this blog off with a famous line you used not too long ago…”If you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself.” What an accomplishment for all of you who built your own school. That’s something your kids will be able to brag about for years to come. You are going to do a terrific job as a teacher. Too bad my Suzy can’t come be in your class with Mary.

  3. It looks great. Good luck with the school year!

  4. Excellent work Helen! Your classroom looks very organized, fun and inviting. Best wishes for a great school year!!!:)

  5. Once again, you have proved that Helen Monson can do ANYTHING! Do you think that if someone would have told you a year ago that you would be living in American Samoa, and building a classrom that you would be teaching in, that you would have believed them? We NEVER know where this life is going to take us, Have a great school year! 🙂

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