Posted by: monsonmadness | August 29, 2011

How long should we stay here?

The verdict is in…I asked the kids three questions and here are their responses…

How long do you think we should stay in American Samoa?

Matthew: 4 years.

Benjamin: I think we should stay at least 5 years.

Hannah: Two years and one week.

Daniel: 50 hundred years.

Mary: Lots of time.

What do you like about American Samoa?

Matthew: There are lots of coconuts, that Bishop Semo is the best Bishop in the whole world because Bishop Semo can cut down coconuts from the tree. I have lots of friends here and I like the ocean.

Benjamin: I like that the beach is really close, that there are coconuts and interesting sorts of birds.

Hannah: There are lots of beaches and we can put flowers in our hair.

Daniel: Coconuts, friends, starfish, ocean and fun.

Mary: School with Mommy.

What do you miss about Utah?

Matthew: The mountains and my friends.

Benjamin: I miss the snow, my own toys, and my friends.

Hannah: All my friends and our house.

Daniel: Our house and toys. I miss my bed, and that t-rex that glows in the dark.

Mary: Our clean Kaysville house. Not this dirty house.

So there you go, out of the mouth of babes! It’s weird to think that if we only stay for the duration of our 2 year contract, that we are already 1/8 th of the way through…



  1. ha haaa!! So funny! And cute too. A coconut cutting Bishop sounds awesome to me!

  2. 50 hundred years sounds awesome!! but mary’s comment about the clean vs. dirty house is too funny for a two year old to say. most want to be dirtier than we allow. hee hee. love you lots!! – addie

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