Posted by: monsonmadness | September 1, 2011

Hiking at Blunt’s Point

On Saturday we decided to go on a short hike to Blunt’s Point where there are two World War II cannons. We wanted to stop at a beach on the way home since we hadn’t been swimming for a few weeks, so we wore our swimming things.

It was very hot, and we knew that it was going to rain hard sometime that morning. On the way up to the cannons, we saw lots of lizards and lots of bats.

Part of the hike was up some pretty steep steps. Emma was in the backpack, but Mary needed some help.

One of the cannon pits was full of dirty green water, and there were TONS of toads everywhere. Look at this mean one on the ledge…

Here are the happy hikers at the top of the mountain…

…and here is Benjamin pretending to be a bat!

I love the colors in this picture. Great photography Michael ūüėČ

There were some great views too. Check out this picture. On the drive back it started to rain so Michael wanted to call it quits. The older kids and I really wanted to swim, so we pulled over at this beach in the picture, and went snorkeling where the water is light blue. I carried the kids out one at a time into the deep part where the fish were. The current was pretty strong so they clung on tightly. We saw blue fish, yellow fish, black and white fish, and striped fish. Michael waited in the car with the two little girls eating snacks. We are still waiting on our memory card for our waterproof camera and then we can start taking pictures of the fish for the blog. Everything takes so long to get here. I had one care package from a friend that came in two weeks, but Benjamin is still waiting on birthday presents from over five weeks ago, poor kid.

Oh yeah, I got chatted up right before we went snorkeling. We stopped at a little store and I ran into get a loaf of bread, some chips, cookies and drinks for us to eat in the car. At the checkout a drunk man buying beer came over to me and started examining the lemonade I was about to buy. He tried to convince me that I should be buying beer like him instead. I told him that beer wasn’t good for his body or mind and he was pretty taken aback by that. Then he tried to feel my biceps and tell me that I was built for kayaking, and did I want to go paddling with him? Hmmm, tempting. Maybe another time! I pretty much ran to the car with him still calling after me that his boat was ready and we could go right now. I was giggling when I got in the car and had to explain to Michael who the guy was! I really do want to go kayaking sometime here though. The views from the water would be fantastic, but¬†I’ll probably go with someone¬†who I know and trust. Oh, and who is sober too!


  1. Sounds like fun! Hannah looks so big in that picture!!! I think you should go with the drunk guy- you love adventure, right?!?!

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