Posted by: monsonmadness | September 4, 2011

Friday Night Football

On Friday night we took our family to a high school football game. Michael had young men on both teams, so it was hard to know who to cheer for. We didn’t think our little ones would last so long but they loved it. It helped that Daniel and I had packed a bag full of dinner, fruits, and snacks to get us through!

Mary and Emma got used to the loud drums after a while, and starting clapping along to the beat. It was really cute to watch.

The coach for one of the teams is in our bishopric. The game was pretty one-sided, the final score was 38-8.

Hannah really liked watching the cheerleaders. I like that the cheerleaders come in all shapes and sizes and very different levels of athletic ability. This was my first high school football game, but I have been to several college football games and lots of high school basketball games. I’m certainly no expert, but it seems to me that usually the cheerleaders have to look the part and no-one else stands a chance. I really liked that it seemed whoever wanted to be a cheerleader could be, no social rules or expectations holding them back. This even went a little to the extreme because they allowed fa’afafine (male cross dressers wearing the girls dresses) to be cheerleaders. I didn’t get a photo of them. More information about that in another post.

If you’re wondering about all the matching football uniforms and cheerleading costumes and how I’ve been describing the poverty over here, this is the explanation. Football is HUGE here. Remember when we came here and Troy Polamalu was on the flight with us? He is a local hero who plays in the NFL now. Anyway, he is the one who sponsored all of the high school teams so that they would have the equipment and uniforms necessary to promote football on the island. When he comes back he brings his money, recruiters, and coaches, and makes it possible for more young men from here to have an opportunity for football in colleges on the mainland.

We had a great time watching the game with several members of our ward. Here is Emma with our friend Noah who just adores her! Don’t they make a cute couple?

We enjoyed beautiful weather, great food, great entertainment, and who can forget the view? Check out the view facing north here, I should have taken a photo of the ocean behind us. We certainly live in a beautiful place. Great family night out 🙂


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