Posted by: monsonmadness | September 6, 2011

AWESOME holiday

Yesterday was Labor Day and so we decided to make the most of no school and no work, and try a new adventure. I contacted a friend that I had made at play group, and we decided to go to Larsen’s Cove for the day. The hike down to the beach was really hard for the little kids. We trekked through the jungle (our friend told us she once saw a wild boar on this hike) for about a mile, before we arrived at our destination. The kids whined a little, but we made it, and it was definitely worth the effort.

The water was as usual warm and clear, and the snorkeling was great. There were dark caves to explore, but by far, the kids enjoyed jumping from a rock into the crashing waves with their new friends. We stayed for a couple of hours, and then headed back. We enjoyed watching some locals weaving baskets out of leaves, and then chopping down bananas and papayas with a machete and carrying them with a stick over their shoulders. We decided we pick some bananas for ourselves. Delicious!

It was such a beautiful place and we’d love to take you there if you come out to visit! The only thing that could make this day any more perfect was getting together with some new friends after the kids went to bed for a game of Settler’s! Yes, my Settler’s of Polynesia post paid off and I found some fellow gamers. I had a great time playing with them and I even took the traditional salt and vinegar pringles and salted cucumber. Wonderful day with the family in a gorgeous place followed by games with friends. Perfect holiday. Wish every day was like this.



  1. Fun day!! I would love to go there!! That’s great that you found some fellow game players over there.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful and I love the video clips. Mary and Emma look so much alike. They are darling.

  3. Yea, more Catan players!! I had me a good laugh at your post on the American Somoa version. =) We still need to play when you return. What a great day. Love seeing your kids playing in the ocean.

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