Posted by: monsonmadness | September 7, 2011

Pay check

So today I received my first paycheck for the last 2 weeks of work. They take the kid’s school tuition out of it, as well as taxes, social security, and medicare. I need some helping figuring out what I should buy first. Should I treat myself to something nice for working so hard, or should I be putting it away somewhere so that we can go somewhere fun as a family? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Oh, and in case it helps in making your decision, you should know that my paycheck was for $3.22! It’s going to cost me that much in gas to drive to the bank to pay it in!!!!!!

ps, in case you thought I was complaining, I wasn’t. I just thought it was pretty funny. Me working every day is a great trade off for a great education for my kids. They are really happy at their new school. It is a great arrangement.


  1. Ha ha!! That is funny!!! I think you should treat yourself to some Laffy Taffy!

  2. Helen, considering what you would pay for tuition and the other advantages of the job I know you aren’t complaining. These days it is amusing though to think of a paycheck of $3.22. You are most awesome and I love the photo of your family on the blog. I thought you might want to know about this.

    One of our family members is trying to adopt again and posted this on Facebook.

  3. $3.22! That’s great. I say you save it for Menchie’s!! =)

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