Posted by: monsonmadness | September 20, 2011

Photos of our house

Several of you have been asking to see photos of our house. I hadn’t sent them yet because I was waiting until we were done with home improvement projects. Well, we are not done, but I am quitting! The most recent projects were Michael making a toddler bed for Mary, and putting up the vinyl from Stacey on the wall. Oh, now it looks so much more like home!

I was going to paint the kid’s bathroom, as well as the dining room and kitchen, but I give up. I’m not doing any more. Started with pink in the girl’s room and then blue for Daniel. The paint here comes premixed, so there are 7 or 8 colors to choose from. I chose “Autumn tan” as a light brown neutral color for our bedroom and family room but it turned out to be yellow! It’s ok, it’s bright and fun. It is thin like watercolors, so you have to do several coats. Not my favorite thing, so I give up on painting anything else!

Here are some of my likes and dislikes about our house, and then the before and after pictures are below.

Likes: Having a washing machine and a dryer, and likes that we were able to drill a hole into the side of the house to hook it up for hot water.

Drilling another hole into the bedroom wall so that we could be connected to the modem and get internet connection (interior concrete walls too thick for wireless).

Having a home with hot water. Like, like, like.

Having two bathrooms.

Lots of counter space in the kitchen.

Big family room.

Plenty of space for a big family, and lots of furniture.

Huge fridge and freezer, everyone is gobsmacked when we see it. Haven’t see one as big as this on the island. So pleased about that.

Listening to the birds and insects outside.

Never being cold.

Finally finishing up all the curtains so that I can cover all of the unusable doors (see the one behind the oven for example) and all of the boarded up holes in the walls where they meant to build something and then changed their minds! Curtains are much better although they are in random places.

Dislikes: Having an oven that spews out black soot every time it is turned on because it was not meant to be hooked up to a gas canister.

Having gas hobs that don’t adjust, they only stay on high so I can’t simmer anything.

Having to keep the microwave off to save on electricity, and then having to reprogram it with the time every time we turn it on before we can use it!

Having to fill water bottles from the filter every day because the water has ecoli.

Concrete walls so we can’t hang all the pictures we want to, have to get a concrete drill so can only put a few things up.

Having a draining counter top that drips onto the floor!

Having termites eat through everything made out of wood.

Not having fans in every room.

Sweeping up gecko poop constantly.


Gross bathrooms.

Dogs that scare my kids and don’t allow us to play outside much.

An uncomfotable bed.

This is a picture of our house…

This was Hannah and Emma’s room before…

And after…

This was Daniel and Mary’s room before…

And after…

We didn’t really change Matthew and Benjamin’s room at all, other than taking down some things from the wall, decluttering the decorations, and adding a chair and bookcase. We did have to take off one of the posts from the bed (termites). We are finding quite a few termites here now. Nothing wooden lasts here…Here is what it looks like now.

This was the master bedroom before…

and after…

Master bathroom before…

and after…

There was no before picture of the kid’s bathroom because I’ve only recently dared to set foot in there. This is what it looks like now…

Kitchen before…

and after…

Family room before…

and after…

Dining room before…

and after…

Laundry room before…

and after (laundry folding table on the right, kid’s computer table and homework table on the left, little girl’s picnic table for coloring AKA clutter for a reason! …




  1. You did a great job!

  2. You amaze me, Helen!

  3. Wow! That’s talent; it looks fabulous! What a difference! I love Daniel and Emma’s room with the fish and tropical birds. Cute theme! Wondering if you’ll have to do something similar when you return home so that you won’t miss it there so much!

  4. Great job Helen! Looks good! I wish I had your vision!

  5. Wow what a great job you have done I came across your site and thought what a wonderful place and what an experience you are having. You must be Latter Day Saints and you are. From one to another God Bless I envy you the experience and the children as well,Im from Australia. best wishes ,Judy

    • Thanks Judy! We are hoping to visit your Australia some time now that we’re so close. It might just be a dream though!

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