Posted by: monsonmadness | September 26, 2011

School spirit week

A couple of weeks ago we had school spirit week. For those Brits out there, this is a US thing that the elementary schools do for a week at the beginning of school year to increase school unity and get everyone pumped up for the year ahead. It is also a good opportunity to do a little fundraising. At Ta’iala Academy, we had a different theme for each day of the week. We wore school colors on Monday, wore Samoan clothes on Tuesday, wore hats on Wednesday, had crazy hair on Thursday, and wore white t-shirts on Friday that everyone drew on. My kids had a lot of fun (and I did too!)

Some other highlights of the week were having each class make their own class cheer, and then performing it in front of the school in assembly (all 63 students!). The kids also had to write a school cheer as well. I was “invited” to have my kids do a cheer as well, even though half of them can’t speak. We came up with a great one, and had fun performing too! Hannah’s class won the contest for the best class cheer, and Matthew and Benjamin’s won the best school cheer. I think they won ice cream sandwiches for that!

There was some fund raising going on in the form of “penny wars”. Each class had a big jar, and kids were encouraged to bring pennies from home to fill it up. Class who brought in the most money got a pizza party. Hitch was that if you put a nickel or a dime in someone else’s jar, that deducted 5 or 10 cents from the pennies they had collected. My kids were searching under all of the couch cushions for loose change all week. I gave them a little change each to use for this during the week, but they kept asking for more. They would have spent all their allowance on it if I’d let them. This activity raised over $100 (not bad for only 4 classes of kids)

There was also an art competition where the kids drew a logo for the school, and the winner’s logo will be put on the yearbook. On Friday there were games and activities all day. I love watching the kids participate in these team building activities. The older kids take care of the younger ones so well and everyone is included. There is competition, but it’s not mean, and everyone just has fun. Here are some photos from the week…

Here I am with some of the other teachers at the school. I fit right in don’t I?

I didn’t have anything for the girls to wear for Samoan clothes day so I whipped up these dresses. Yes, it was the leftover fabric from the curtains in the girl’s room!

This is Hannah’s class, her best friend Ella is looking at the camera.

This is Daniel’s kindergarten class. They are a wild bunch.

This is Hannah with her friend Ella and her teacher Mrs. Amuia on crazy hair day.

My crazy hair was awesome! I let the frizz go wild, no being contained in a ponytail, just let it be itself for a day, humidity and all. Sorry, no good photo.

Being in school is a great thing for my kids. My little girls love it, Daniel is getting used to it, Hannah loves it when her friend is there, and Matthew and Benjamin sometimes cry when it’s time to come home!


  1. I love the material you used for the dresses. Very cute!

  2. Very cute dresses!

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