Posted by: monsonmadness | October 31, 2011

10,000 hits and a positive post

Today I reached 10,000 hits on this blog. As I thought about what I’ve been writing about and what people are interested in reading, I realized that I go back and forth between experiences we’ve had and lessons we’ve learned. Some are entertaining and interesting, some are honest and often  depressing! This last week seemed to be a little tougher than usual, and on Sunday morning, I felt like I really needed a boost.

I’ve been meaning to blog about the beautiful harmonies in the different churches in American Samoa. You can hear people singing when you’re at home doing your chores, and as you drive down the road on your way somewhere. In our church, we sing in English, but the members still harmonize and make the hymns so beautiful. I have been wishing that you could all hear how great the singing is, so I decided to put together a 1 minute slideshow. Here’s the story behind it.

Like I said, on Sunday I went to church hoping for a boost of some kind. We have our Sunday school first, and our sacrament meeting last. This is a little harder because the small kids have a hard time sitting quietly when they’ve already been in church for 2 hours. We don’t always hear as much as we’d like to, because we’re busy keeping them quiet with books. On Sunday though, the kids were really well behaved, and I was able to listen to everything. I soaked it up like a sponge. A whole family was assigned to do the sacrament program. Their son is leaving next week for a 2 year mission to the Philippines, and his family were assigned to speak on prayer and more specifically, “I need thee every hour”. They each spoke for a few minutes about the importance of relying on our Savior to help us when things are difficult. They bore sincere testimonies about experiences they had in their lives when they had felt comfort and guidance when they had turned to the Lord in prayer. I really enjoyed listening to them, and determined to do better in my own life with making my personal prayers more sincere and heartfelt.

The best part though was when this lovely family stood to sing a musical number. They chose the hymn, “I need thee every hour” which is sung in many Christian churches throughout the world. This family sang through their tears, full of emotion and gratitude, and the spirit was really strong. I decided to make this slideshow so that you could hear the Samoan harmonies. It’s only one verse long and is a cappella, but I think it’s beautiful.

The second video is more Samoans singing “I stand all amazed” The harmonies in this one are fantastic. I just love it. The people here are so talented and I feel very blessed that I can be uplifted so easily when I hear them testifying through their music. I get to hear this kind of music every week. I am so lucky. I could listen to this 10,000 times! Enjoy.



  1. Yes, loved the harmonies Helen. Was really sorry to hear about your recent loss. I do admire how you react to the different situations you have found yourself in!

  2. Beautiful, Helen. They sound fabulous. x

  3. Those were both beautiful. That is wonderful that you get to hear singing like that so often!

  4. Wow, thanks for posting such beautiful versions of those songs. After a long busy day, they were especially calming and I felt washed over with peace. Its amazing how reverent music like that invites the Spirit immediately. I need to tap into that more often.

  5. So pretty. Thanks for sharing these!

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