Posted by: monsonmadness | November 9, 2011

Great grandparents

Our kids have great grandparents. In reality they only have one great grandparent still living, but they have four grandparents who really are great. Let me tell you why.

Grandad: Grandad sends individual letters in the mail to each kid. I know it’s hard for him to know what to write to the little ones, but they are all so happy when they get a special letter, just for them. He suggest fun things for them to do and they get so excited. In the last batch of letters, Benjamin got excited about bird watching again, and when Grandad suggested that Matthew draw a map of American Samoa and label it, Matthew got right down to business complete with road number and village names! Thanks for making such a big effort Grandad.

Nanna: Nanna is our treat supplier. When we skyped the other day, we talked about the fact that she sees us the same amount as she did when we lived in Utah, just once a year, but she has been sending more care packages than usual since we’ve been here. We decided it was because Utah was a home to us, but this still feels like a foreign place, and we feel isolated, so her care packages are very much appropriate and appreciated. Nanna used to send packages that had special treats for me, and special treats for the kids. Hard part was, sometimes I wanted to eat what she had sent for the kids, so she has started sending me my supply of crisps, and then 7 of each treat so that I can eat with the kids! (She doesn’t forget Michael, it’s just that he doesn’t like treats very much, she always tries to bring him potato cakes and crumpets when she comes over though) Thank you Nanna, our day is so much better when we have familiar treats to get us through!

Grandpa: Grandpa is our connection to the Monson side of the family. Thanks to his Sunday emails to the children, we hear about what’s going on with the rest of the family. Grandpa rotates his emails to a different child each week and he makes them so personal, asking them lots of questions about what they are doing. The kids love it when it is their turn, and as soon as they’ve read it, they write an email back to Grandpa. No helping or editing from me, I type exactly what they say. Thanks for making the kids feel special and for keeping us connected Grandpa.

Grandma: Grandma is always there for us, and is willing to help us with whatever we need. From paying in our rent checks every month to sending us things that we have run out of and need, we are grateful for her help. We have sent her to the bank and post office quite a lot these last few months and she is always happy to help. We are very lucky.

What great grandparents our kids have!



  1. That was so sweet! I love all the fun stuff they do for the kids. That is so cool.

  2. I love that Mim sends you crisps.

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