Posted by: monsonmadness | November 13, 2011

Questions and answers

Here are the answers to some of the questions I have been getting lately…If you haven’t read my blog from the beginning, some of these things might not make sense to you. Sorry about that! I just thought I’d put this photo on here too, just because I love it. I saw this rainbow on the way to school one day and just had to pull over and take a photo. Isn’t it lovely?

* We are not going to move to the house that we looked at. It was too small. If something else comes up, we will take a look. For right now we have put dowels in all the windows are not carrying cash with us any more. The police have a teenage suspect and are pretty sure it’s him, but he won’t confess…

* We just burned wood and s’mores on the bonfire. No guy!

* I think I will try paddling again when my bottom has recovered.

* We have only had the two mice here. No more since. Michael did drown the second one though. It was a quicker death for the mouse. I still can’t believe he did it…

* The wailing neighbors stopped after three times. We complained after two and they did it once more and we haven’t heard from them since. That’s when the cats got into our attic and started attacking each other. They were screeching so loudly and running around over our heads that they did wake up the kids. The cats got in from the outside and although our neighbor tried to poke them with a stick, he couldn’t reach them. We think they may have caused some damage in the attic because now we have a big water stain on our bathroom ceiling, looks like a big leak and we wonder if the cats broke some pipes or something!

* Dolla’ kid was confirmed to be a girl.

* We try and do a fun family outing each Saturday, but it’s not always the beach because it rains a lot. I’d say we do the beach at least 2 or 3 times a month.

* We finally got the spare gas tank this week (one month later!)

* I kill ants, spiders, cockroaches, centipedes, mosquitoes etc on a daily basis without thinking twice.

* The dogs are as gross as ever. Four new puppies, so we have 7 dogs sleeping in our car port most nights. It stinks of wet dog out there!

* My kids still don’t really like to eat Samoan food. They don’t care for mangoes or papaya, and the only other fruit that they have a ton of is bananas. The food at the school is half Samoan, half American, I can always predict what they’re going to eat, and what they’ll leave. They always leave the taro (root vegetable), and I don’t blame them. It’s so gross!

* We haven’t done anything with the dinner party guests since we had them over at our house. (Cringe)

* I’ve only played Settler’s of Catan that one time. So sad.

* We are not going anywhere for Thanksgiving this year. We are looking forward to a relaxing meal at home, and probably a trip to the beach after dinner if the weather is nice!

* We are doing well with our showering routine, thank you! We realized we were expecting too much, and frustrating ourselves, so each day we have a “girl’s shower” and a “boy’s shower” and we just get everyone cleaned and changed at the same time, that way there is an adult in with each group of kids and things stay much calmer!

* Things at school are just fine. I have been busy the last few weeks working on creating intervention policies for our school for both academic and behavioral problems. I finally have everything finished and I will start tomorrow by doing some classroom observations and then doing teaching training later this week. I’m quite excited about it because we’ll be able to really see improvements which gives satisfaction (not always the case with parenting! )  As far as parenting goes…I am plodding along and doing my best. Wishing I was getting better results, but we have a different life here, and different challenges and I need to understand that the kids have their own adjustments to go though 😉

* We get lots and lots of power cuts. I’d say at least 4 or 5 a week, but most last less than an hour. On Friday night Michael and I were trying to watch a movie and the power went out and it was pitch black. We couldn’t even see each other sitting on the couch. of course, then the fans are off as well and so within a matter of seconds it is really hot and uncomfortable. It was only 8pm so too early to go to bed, so we talked for a while, played a few games of “blink” by flashlight, and then the power came back on and we finished our movie! Young Victoria is a great movie if you haven’t seen it.

* I really miss a lot of things. Friends…seasons that make it feel like the holidays…riding bikes…talking to people on the phone whenever you want…having more than one suitcase of clothes to wear…being able to send and receive mail without driving 30 minutes each way…taking a bath…fruit…crisps…diet sodas…candy…frozen yogurt…Indian food…Spicy chicken sandwich and a Frostie from Wendy’s… Help! How did I get onto food? I’ll never stop….

Anything else you wanted to know? What did I miss?



  1. That was fun reading a bunch of random stuff! The intervention policies that you are doing for school sound interesting. I hope it goes well for you.

  2. I know how they can tell if the teenage suspect is the right guy 🙂 Take pictures much?

  3. Helen, I think you are an absolutly incredibly brave woman with an amazing attitude. I have shared your blog with some of my friends. You make me feel so much more appreciative of the things I have. It sounds like you are making the very best of a hard situation. Try eo enjjoy every minute that can possibly be enjoyable. And the bad moments you will laugh at in time.
    Time will go by so fast and you wonder where it all went. Hang in there and good luck. If you have made it this far, you can make it to the end with grace and dignity! XOXO

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