Posted by: monsonmadness | November 20, 2011

Sun overdose

Now I realize that it is winter and cold for most of you, and that you have snow around you making it feel like the holidays. Not here. We are approaching the hottest time of the year, and for the most part, we are enjoying that. This was not the case yesterday though, and I got a sun overdose. I totally over scheduled myself and am regretting it now.

It started with my second paddling trip early yesterday morning. I had wanted to go again and I did enjoy myself, but last time it was rainy and overcast, and yesterday the sun was bright and shining hot. It was so bright out on the ocean that I was squinting as we paddled. I had a good time, but hadn’t put on sunblock and really exerted myself in the heat.

Then after lunch, Michael and I tried out a new babysitter. She is only 16, so we wanted to make it as easy for her as possible. We put the two babies down for naps, and her job was to supervise the older four kids while they watched a movie. Not bad huh? Michael and I went on a new hike together to Leala Shoreline National Natural Landmark, otherwise known as sliding rock. This natural rock formation near Leone Village serves as both a scenic treasure and a natural playground, and was created by the ebb and flow of the ocean. Erosion has caused the shoreline to become smooth and slippery. When the tide is right, you can slip and slide along the rock; but you have to be really careful as it can sometimes be treacherous. We had a great hike and enjoyed snorkeling in a beautiful tide pool.

We had promised the kids that if they were good for the babysitter, we would take them to the beach when we got home. By this point, I just wanted to go to bed, but since they hadn’t done anything fun yet that day, it was only fair that we kept our promise. We went off to Fatu ma Futi with our friends and enjoyed a couple of hours swimming, snorkeling, and jumping off rocks.

It was about 90 degrees yesterday and I was outside the whole day. I got fried. I think I must have got sunstroke because I ended up throwing up all night long. Guess I need to not plan so many outdoor things in one day anymore. I need to spread out the fun a little. I have sun overdose.

Enjoy the photos.



  1. There is so much beautiful scenery there. I loved the pictures of Emma and her little friend.

  2. Is Daniel the only one to dive in head first? Fearless beast! Emma looks really happy with that little boy. So cute!

  3. I hope you are now feeling better. Too much sun is not fun!

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