Posted by: monsonmadness | November 23, 2011

School carnival

Last week was our school fundraising carnival. Other than the 2 hour long downpour, it was tons of fun. Each teacher was in charge of a game, and I did the lollipop tree which was a big hit! The other fun game was the dunk tank. They got the principal and vice principal dunked and then moved on to the teachers…time for me to leave!

I love the photo of all the kids holding the thank you sign. This was in the newspaper today to thank all of the vendors on the island and to those who donated prizes and cash.

I am glad that we came to this school. It’s a lot of work, but the kids love it!


  1. Did they get you in the dunk tank after all?

  2. Lollipop trees are the most popular, at least at our school harvest festival. The teacher who runs that makes lots of money. Second popular activity is the dunk tank. We went to the local high school’s harvest festival and the most popular activity was sumo wrestling. It was fun to see the kids put on the sumo suits and try to wrestle one another.

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