Posted by: monsonmadness | November 26, 2011

You want something done, you gotta’ do it yourself. Part 2


These cars are at the end of our lane. There are many more like them at the side of the road around this island. Cars rust and fall to pieces due to the bad roads and no-one who really knows how to fix them!

Our car is also falling to pieces (on the outside at least, it still drives perfectly). The mini van is so low to the ground and the roads here are so full of potholes, that no matter where we drive, the car is constantly bumping and scraping the road. Bits of our car have been falling off and dragging along the road for ages now. Michael tried fixing the underside of the bumper, but it just kept getting worse. Finally, I took the car to this guy (car had to be lifted for us to get underneath otherwise we would have done it ourselves) who got a big pair of scissors and cut off the underneath of our car for us. No more dragging or scratching, and no more pulling off the bumper which was attached!!!! He misses a few parts which I had to fix myself, and then all I needed were a couple of tubes of superglue so that the front bumper stays attached. Seems to have done the job for now…

Then I go to these guys to get my oil changed. Needed to get my own oil first. Again, car needs to be lifted up and they need special wrenches to do it which they don’t have, so I sit and wait while they drive home to get more tools!

When I get home, I apply sealer to the windshield where the water is coming in every time it rains. It works for light rain, but not for 4 hour downpours which are very common, so we’re not exactly sure what to do about this now! We have a car port at home, but at school the car stays outside and when it rains, and the rain drips down inside the car by the rear view mirror.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that this car will last another 18 months, at which point we will sell it and buy something else back in the States.

We shouldn’t have any problem selling it, people are in awe of our car, all the kids love the automatic doors, they think they’re magic, and we might be the only 8 seater on the island which is a big plus! We are still really glad that we shipped it over, it’s reassuring to know that we have a reliable car that we can all be strapped in to. Please send any suggestions about the leak, we’re not sure what else to try!



  1. Wow- that is crazy! I hope you can figure out the water leak problem. That would really suck.

  2. You go girl! I hope the sealant works. No one wants to sit on a wet car seat.

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