Posted by: monsonmadness | November 27, 2011


Here are a few random photos and thoughts from the last week or two:

1. Here’s one that’s funny…the Samoan alphabet is different to ours, and they don’t know how to say the letter “z”. There is a kid at school called Zeus and his parents call him Zeusy (not sure why!) Anyway, the Samoan teachers just can’t pronounce this at all, so they go around all day calling him “Suzy”. For some reason I think that’s so funny.

2. This is what my laundry pile looks like on any given day. The picture actually makes it look smaller, this was 6 loads, and I stuff my over sized washing machine to the brim! We each shower twice a day, and we have to wash the towels several times a week to avoid mold.

3. There is a great store on the island that I love to go to because they sell diet soda, and nowhere else does. I drive the 20 minutes each way every couple of weeks to go there just for this! Well they just opened up a freezer aisle and they have familiar American food at pretty decent prices. I spent over $100 when I went there on my soda run last week. Two of the things that I found were popcorn chicken and mini eclairs. You should have seen how happy the kids were to eat popcorn chicken…something familiar and delicious. I was really happy with the eclairs as well. So happy that I just couldn’t bring myself to share them with anybody else 😦

4. Yesterday we had some extra kids. I’ve been doing a babysitting trade with my friend and I still feel really guilty about it. Her kids are perfect angels and so well behaved, and I know that my kids are not this way for her. It’s actually easier for me to have her three extra kids at my house, than to just have my six alone, because they all pair off and go their own separate ways, and it’s much calmer and quieter, no fighting…no tattling etc. Bliss.

Anyway, I asked her if she’d be interested in a Saturday trade because there’s a long hike that Michael and I want to go on, and she agreed. Yesterday she and her husband went on the hike, so we had her kids for about 7 hours. Easiest Saturday ever! Michael had time to work on getting the oil changed in his car, and I had time to sit and try and sort out all of our credit card fraud mess!

The kids played games in the morning, watched the Sound of Music at nap time, and went to the beach in between. First things first…sunscreen in a factory production line manner…

…then the rules….this was not a swimming beach, too dangerous, just tide pools and checking out shells and hermit crabs, so off we went in an orderly fashion…

…a little treat bribing half way through to maintain good behavior…

…and then a lot of fun with great friends. I really love these kids. They bring out the best in my children.

5. On Tuesday night we had pack meeting and Benjamin earned his Wolf Badge. I was so proud of him. In total he earned two beads, his wolf badge, his gold arrow, and four silver arrows! Wow! What a star. Here he is with his scout leader in the background, pinning the wolf pin on me.

6. I played games with some friends last night and had one of those weird moments where I realise I’ve either said something British for the first time in 15 or 20 years, or found out a new American word that I didn’t know. It’s strange. I told Michael the other day to stop mithering me and he was clueless as to what I was talking about! (bugging, pestering, teasing). I also gave the word quaver in a game recently and no-one thought that was a word (Americans, we call a quaver what you call an eighth note in music).

Anyway, at game night last night I had to come up with a word beginning with the letter S that a chef does in the kitchen, and I shouted out “Sieve”. Everyone stared at me as if I was crazy and asked me what I was saying. I spelt out the word and described it, and discovered that Americans use the word sifter for the tool, and sifting for the process. Well I never! How come I never found that out before?

7. The Ta’iala Titans got into the final of the private school soccer league championships. The final match was on Friday and we went to cheer them on. Although they didn’t win, Matthew especially had a great time joining the girls in shouting out encouraging cheers from the sidelines. My kids enjoy these cheers so much that this is how they choose to pass their time as we’re driving to various places around the island. Even Emma and Mary have started picking it up, and much to my chagrin in sacrament meeting today (the part of the church meeting that is supposed to be the most sacred and reverent) Mary and Emma start chanting to each other, “Give me a B”, “B”, “Give me a T”, “T” etc. They weren’t spelling anything out at all, just showing their alphabet skills at the top of their voices. Benjamin got the giggles and was shaking like crazy. It was hard not to smile ourselves!

9. We’re on round two of the head lice.

8. Someone brought us coconut rolls for dinner tonight. Kids loved them. Michael and I are still fence sitting.



  1. Sounds like a lovely few days. Food, beaches, great kids. Love the bit about sacrament meeting cheerleaders!

  2. You are so funny- your kids are awesome, well behaved kids! I love that Matthew was helping the girls cheer. So cute!

  3. Funny! We were ordering “sifters” for science and I said “sieve”. Guess it’s a Canadian thing also.

  4. Helen, you’re so funny! “Americans,” you say! I thought you were an American now, too?? lol. You should say, “‘We’ apparently say it this way” or something, lol.

    Also – pani popo is amazing. I love it. I make it just because I’m an addict. Do they ever have lu pulu there? That’s my favorite.

    • I have an American passport but I am British!!!!! I have never seen Lu Pulu here. I had to look it up to see what it was. Sounds gross Jan! I hated canned corned beef. Yuk!

      • I thought you had taken your oath, lol. Sorry, Helen 🙂 *sheepish*

        Lu pulu is great. I hate canned corned beef, too (too many weird parts) but I kind of eat it like salsa – I get the juices and leave out the chunks, lol. I mainly like the flavor it gives the spinach (I think you’re traditionally supposed to make it with something else). Anyhow, I love it.

        You really didn’t like the coconut bread, though? Was it because it was kind of mushy in places..?

  5. Hi Helen, I don’t envy you that laundry pile, I thought mine was bad with 3 children! I’m assuming you don’t spend 24 hours a day ironing it all as well?!?
    Your ‘Englishisms’ made me laugh. I gather you have quite a strong American accent these days so nice to know there’s still some Buckley left in you girl! I had no problem understanding your mithering, sieve, or quaver although being as non-musical as I am I was more thinking of the cheesy snack for the last one!

    • I gave up ironing about 11 years ago and have never regretted it. It is WAY over rated!

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