Posted by: monsonmadness | December 1, 2011

Hilarious children

Matthew and Benjamin’s reading and writing homework yesterday was to write a commercial using one of their grateful words from Thanksgiving. Benjamin’s word was pig. He chose to be thankful for pigs because he likes bacon. His commercial said,

“Get your big fat pigs for $15!!! They’re big! They’re fat! They’re tasty!”

Pretty funny huh?

Then I read Matthew’s…Matthew’s thanksgiving word was Daniel, because… well, he must love his brother right? Or not. His commercial said,

“Have you ever wanted a boy? Well, buy Daniel for $4! He’s cool. He’s awesome! All yours for 20 days.”

My kids are hilarious!


  1. Ha ha!!! Those are funny! And you know that I especially love that Benjamin is thankful for pigs!!!!

  2. That’s laugh out loud funny! Your boys are wonderful. Tell Daniel I’d buy him for 20 days.

  3. I’ll take Daniel any day!

  4. I love it- you have to wonder how he decided about the dollar amount and length of time…kids are so random! The other day Tara compiled a list of chores on her own to earn money. Each job had the amount of money she expected me to pay her for it. Her list made me laugh in the same way Matthew’s commercial does– for example, she wrote that the fee for washing windows would be 25 cents (which as you know our windows are large and would be a pretty substantial job for a 5 year old) but washing off the counter was $2.00. Yep…totally rational right?

  5. That’s great! I love the things they come up with. Apparently Daniel’s a better deal! =)

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