Posted by: monsonmadness | December 11, 2011

More randoms

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been really busy with a special Christmas project which I’ll write about in a few weeks. Anyway, here are some more random things that have been going on in American Samoa…

* I was driving home from school last week when I saw a golf ball flying over the trees towards me. Although I could see it coming, there wasn’t anywhere else to go and within a second it landed on my windshield (windscreen). I envisioned shattering glass coming in all over me, and I couldn’t believe it when it didn’t smash the glass. It didn’t even chip it. What a miracle. After it hit the glass, it bounced up on top of the car, but no dents there either. Random!

* We are on mouse number three, but this one is harder to catch. These mice really like to eat potato chips, so Michael puts chips in the traps. I have to admit that I have been overprotective of my chips being used on rodents and have almost wanted to eat them off the trap when I’ve seen them sitting there getting wasted, but the vision of me going into school with a sticky trap stuck on my nose manages to deter me. Yes, I realize that I could do something to help in this problem and not buy so many potato chips, but chips (crisps) have always been, and will always be, my favorite food! (I also have some obvious self control issues to work on where chips are involved!)

* Speaking of chips, the other night when the kids were in bed, Michael and I decided to collapse in front of the TV and watch a movie. Look what he brought in for me…..

Yes, this is a hand carved flower carrot, and my favorite treat, chips and cucumber. How romantic!!!!! The night unfortunately went downhill from there. The library was selling videos for 50 cents each, so we bought a few. The first one we tried was horrible and offensive, so we ejected it and threw it into the garbage. We tried again, and the next one wouldn’t work. Same with the third and fourth, so we were $2 down with nothing but old reruns of “Everyone loves Raymond” on TV. Guess it didn’t end so badly after all, that show really makes me laugh!

* This is what Daniel’s legs looked like this week. All of the kids here have gross legs, Samoans and Palagi’s, from all of the bug bites. The smaller kids scratch them badly, and then they get infected. All of our kids have legs like this, and we will come back with speckled scarred legs as a reminder of our time here!

* Our kids have so many friends here. We have quite a few play dates, which keep my kids happy. I love these two photos. Whenever Ella comes over, I try to find something for her and Hannah to do in the kitchen, which they really enjoy.

Check out the new kid in Matthew’s class! His name is Cyan, and the first time I met him was on Halloween when the kids came in costumes. He was dressed as a pirate with a beard painted on his face, and I thought he was a new teacher! He looked so old. I think it’s hilarious that he and Matthew get on so well!

* We still use on night a week as our parent/kid date night. Michael and I take turns at taking a child on a one hour date for some much needed one-on-one time. Before we came here, we had a rule that we weren’t allowed to spend any money, because there was so many things that we could do on our dates. Here it is different. There is nowhere inside to go, and if it is raining, we are in trouble, so we instituted a $1 spending limit. Since we did this, the kids mostly want to go and get an ice cream cone for their date! We parents have to “suffer” along with them, eating ice cream and enjoying a nice chat! What a shame!

This last week I got to go on a date with Daniel and he chose to get an ice cream cone at MacDonald’s.

Inside MacDonald’s was an artificial Christmas tree with artificial snow all around it on the floor. I said to Daniel, “it’s too cold for real snow here in American Samoa, so do you know what that is?” (meaning that the snow was fake) and he said, “I know…it’s hail”. The poor kid was convinced that there were real hailstones on the floor of MacDonald’s because it was too hot for real snow!

* Mary and Emma are really coming along with their Samoan words. They know all of their colors now, and know how to say “all done” when they’ve finished their snack. Daniel can count to ten in Samoan really fast, and knows his Samoan alphabet as well. The older kids only get Samoan once a week, so they only know a few words here and there, but just in case you’re interested, here are our family names in Samoan:

Michael: Mikaele

Helen: Elena

Matthew: Mataio

Benjamin: Peniamina

Hannah: Hannah!

Daniel: Tanielu

Mary: Maria

Emma: Emma!

* We see a lot of varied homes in American Samoa, from a couple of big fancy mansions, to many people who live in tents and homes that are no more than cardboard walls with no windows. We see houses with tarps for roofs, and corrugated steel for walls. This was the first time that we had seen this though…check out the 20ft shipping container that this house is built around! Wish I could put one in our house to lock the naughty kids in (or to put myself in when I need a time out!)

* And to finish off, a couple more great photos of this beautiful island. This is the sunset behind our house every night, and I still can’t resist taking rainbow photographs either. Gorgeous.



  1. I love your random posts! The sunset picture is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Found a really neat song to help little kids learn Samoan: it is called Savalivali. (Sa-Volee-Volee)
    Here are the lyrics:

    and here is the song being

    Hope this helps.

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