Posted by: monsonmadness | December 12, 2011

Help yourself!

When people in American Samoa see something that they want, they usually find a way to get it.

Huge generalization? Definitely, but at least that is our experience living here the last six months. Since we have lived here, we have had money stolen from my wallet from someone who just decided they needed the money more than we did.

When Michael was trying to do a bonfire with the teenagers  from our church one night, someone stole all the wood that had been left out for the bonfire and they had to do the party in the dark!

We have had invited guests in our home who feel that things are here for the taking, and so they’ve taken!

We’ve had someone break into our house and take all of our money. We have multiple friends who have been broken into lately and had things stolen.

Today I discovered that someone had stolen a bunch of my games, toys, and educational supplies that I use for teaching my school kids. Guess the thief rationalized that they were getting their Christmas shopping done early, and why did I need so much stuff anyway?

Here’s the funny one though! Michael’s car was dropped off and being looked at this morning because it needs a new water pump. We found someone who said they could do it at half the price they were quoting us, so we decided to take it elsewhere. As Michael was driving away, he discovered that they had siphoned off his gas! Are you kidding me? Hilarious really, and of course, like everything that I listed, nothing can be proven, but man, the dishonesty here is hard to deal with. They help themselves to things all the time!

Does anyone want to send me a funny joke to cheer me up? I need a good laugh!


  1. wow, that is really depressing, I would be shipping my stuff back home. ok here’s a funny joke from my 7 yr old.

    What did the digital watch tell his mom?

    “Look Mom, no hands!”

    It was funnier having to explain whey that was funny to her, than the actual joke.

  2. So sorry to hear about your misfortunes, but so proud of your atitude. May the Lord bless you for your “turn the other cheek” atitude.I am sure it is hard to do, and it sounds like you have definately had your fair share of hardships. Again, kudos on keeping your head up!

    Josh in Independence, MO

  3. That is crazy. That would be very hard to have to live with.
    Here is a joke for you: What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? – Tinselitus!

  4. Well, you think you had a hard time recently? Has anyone called you a cheating mare recently? Thought not. But that’s what I was called yesterday after a row over a parking space. I suppose he could have called me worse…….

  5. Do not leave your kids unattended at school. They are so cute someone might want them for themselves……….

  6. I don’t know if this will help. Yesterday Mariah was playing with the Olson girls in her room. I heard them talking bout getting married so I stoped to listen. They were discussing what names they were going to give their husbands. Mariah wanted to name her’s Paul, and the other two were wavering between K.C. and Ryan. I steped in and told them their husbasnds will already have names. Their response was that the girl changes her last name and the boys change their first name,”that way it’s fair” Bet you didn’t know that did ya?

  7. Here’s a joke to cheer you up- Its an old one but it made me laugh-
    “Why did the Lamanites have bruised knees?” – Because of all the knee-fights!

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