Posted by: monsonmadness | December 17, 2011

Family work party #2

This morning was Michael’s second work party. We couldn’t go to the 1st one last night because it conflicted with my work party. Shame. I met Michael’s boss for the first time, and she wasn’t anything like I had pictured her to be. Funny how you have visions in your mind…

Anyway, the party today was a family party for all 400 employees and their families, so they had to use the football stadium on the island. They were lucky to have such nice weather, no rain at all, and 90 degrees in the blazing sun.

You’ve got to check out this video. It’s only 11 seconds long, but in real life, it lasted 50 minutes. Yep, that’s right…you try keeping 6 little kids quiet for 50 minutes of this in such high heat when they thought they were coming to play carnival games…not so easy!

Finally the speeches were over, and we could finally leave the bleachers to play the games. The kids had a great time playing sling shot…

…minute to win it sorted all the candy by colors…

…guessing which cup had the winning ball underneath it…

…throwing water balloons into numbered cans…

…running on obstacle courses, throwing darts at balloons, throwing footballs into moving rings, and much more! We did a lot of this…

…and here is some more…standing in line to get lunch…hot, hot, hot, kids starting to whine…

…finally we got our lunch and could sit in the shade…

…a few more whines, a few tears, lots of sweaty people, and we decided to leave the party early. We needed nap times and to be able to sit in front of fans! Thanks for the candy, games and prizes. Is this similar to the Christmas work party you went to this year???


  1. I can’t believe you had to listen to 50 minutes of a different language!! That would not be fun! Listening to 2 minutes of my Dad’s “speech” at our Christmas party was enough for me. 🙂

  2. I hate when things/speeches go over — especially in the hot sun. Annalise’s band concert was almost 2 hours. Not because they played so much music but because the band directors would not STOP TALKING.

  3. I can’t imagine a Christmas party in that heat!!! And wanting to leave a Christmas party to go sit in front of fans! ha ha ha That’s craziness. Heat makes me tired. . . I bet you have good nappers there! Looked like the games were a blast though. My kids would love to include water balloons in any party . . . Christmas or not! =)

    Thanks for documenting your adventure. Sure is fun to read about!

  4. P.S. Are you picking up any of the language yet?

    • Not really….just vocabulary but not sentences. Mary and Daniel are picking up the most words, but we don’t get enough immersion or teaching…

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