Posted by: monsonmadness | December 22, 2011

The grass is always greener…

I have been getting messages and emails from some of you of how jealous you are of our hot Christmas! Indeed. The thought of coming to a snowy cold place right now is horrible. I am very happy spending the Christmas break with my kids at the beach, collecting sand frogs and watching them laugh as they throw coconuts into the ocean. It’s awesome and I wouldn’t trade it….but…it is extremely hot, and very hard to stay in a good mood!

For instance, this morning I spent 3 long hours with the kids assembling Christmas baskets. I didn’t want it to be stressful, I wanted it to be fun, but it was 86 degrees in the house at 7am, and it was pretty unbearable. I finally gave in and turned on the air conditioner. We decided not to use our air conditioner here because it costs hundreds of dollars a month, and if we have any extra cash, we prefer to use it for things like traveling to Western Samoa for a family vacation! Anyway, I just couldn’t stand it and turned on the air conditioner. It was on for a couple of hours, but couldn’t get the temperature down past 82, so we enjoyed a 4 degree drop until we were done, and then I shut it off and collapsed on the couch with the kids and watched a Rudolph cartoon.

Then, check out the photos below. It breaks our hearts to see our kids suffering. Heat rash? That’s what we thought…but it won’t go away and it keeps spreading. Three of our kids have it. I took one in to the pediatric clinic this week and the doctor said, “Yeah, I don’t know what that is”, and sent me on my way. Glad I waited several hours for that! We thought it might be the second round of scabies, so we treated all eight of us last night as a precaution and I am now going through all the laundry including all towels and bedding (it’s now even hotter inside).

So life is not easy living in this heat, some people think it’s just nice and relaxing, and it’s far from that, BUT spending Christmas at the beach is pretty awesome, and we feel very blessed to have this opportunity. Not too much that’s traditional out here at Christmas time, but it’s so nice to be together as a family, spending so much time in Christmas service, and I am thrilled that Christmas day is on a Sunday this year. Perfect opportunity to relax, worship, and enjoy.



  1. oh those poor kids!!!!!!! and Mum! Praying for you all.

  2. Poor kids!! That looks horrible. But the beach does sound nice for Christmas!

  3. There’s a fine line for me — I like being warm but not hot. I think I need to move somewhere where it is also late spring weather. Enjoy the beach. Sounds like a good way to endure the heat.

  4. I don’t like it when it is really cold, but it is definately easier to wrap up in a warm blanket to get warm than to cool down when it is really hot.

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