Posted by: monsonmadness | December 23, 2011

Random things that my kids say

A few weeks ago I posted some funny things that my eldest boys had written for their homework.

My younger kids can be funny too (or maybe these are just cute because I’m their Mom!)

* I was putting the kids down for naps and I said to Mary, “Mary, please go to the bathroom before your nap” and she replied, “Oh yes, thank you for reminding me Mother”. Hilarious!

* Daniel, Mary and Emma love to play I-spy in the car. We play an adjusted version where you don’t actually have to be able to see the thing that you’re guessing! Hey, as long as they are learning their abc’s who cares right? So, our game the other day went like this: it was Emma’s turn and she said, “I spymyeye I” meaning she had picked a word starting with the letter I. I guessed ice cream, indian, iguana, insect, inside, ill, and thought I’d covered all the “I” words that she knew. When I hadn’t guessed it, I gave up, thinking that she had made a mistake. When I asked her what her word was, she said “igloo”. She is 21 months old! She had me stumped.

* Emma is learning how to spell. She’s got her alphabet down, and spelling is logically next, but she’s having a bit of a hard time. At school she hears the other kids spell their names, m-a-r-y and o-w-e-n, and she hears me help her spell her own name, so when I ask her how to spell Emma she replies, “e-m-m-a-r-y-o-w-e-n….Emma!” She is so triumphant, I don’t want to burst her bubble!

* Last but not least, there is a huge focus on trying to avoid teenage sex in American Samoa. There are a lot of teenage pregnancies and there are billboards everywhere, with announcements often on the radio as well. It was hard to get used to some of these billboards, because my children can read them, but they don’t really understand them. Most have reference to finishing high school and going to college, and not letting teen pregnancies ruin that. One that we pass a couple of times a day says “Sex can wait but my dreams can’t”. When we first got here, my kids would say the signs out loud and then ask about them. Well, my oldest child is only eight years old, and we haven’t explained the “birds and the bees” to them yet, but having a son with autism who likes to repeat signs, commercials,  billboards etc to people that he meets was dangerous in this instance, so I just explained that those signs were only for the teenagers in high school. I knew if I went into more detail, they’d get more interested and probably focus on them too much. It worked, they just got bored of the signs and don’t mention them any more.

Well, we don’t really listen to the radio here because most of the songs are inappropriate for small children, but yesterday as we were driving to our school caroling activity, I turned the radio on because it was Christmas music, and I thought it would get us in happy spirits. We listened to several carols and other Christmas songs, and then there was a break, and on came one of the teenage sex warnings. I knew that if I turned it off, it would draw focus to it, and then the kids would start asking questions again, so I just let it play hoping that none of them were really paying attention. The next song came on, and I thought we were in the all clear, when all of a sudden, Emma piped up at the top of her voice,  “No sex Hannah” at the top of her voice. It was shocking because she said it in a direct, authoritative way, as if she were really telling her not to do it, and that she picked on my oldest girl who is 6 going on 16!

Bad mother, bad, bad mother for turning the radio on! Guess it’s time to have a nice chat with the kids. Was hoping I could get a few more years of innocence out of them, but I definitely want to be the one to talk to them about this topic before they hear things in other places…


  1. Oh man- that was funny!! Everything was cute, but hearing such a small person saying No sex Hannah would have been so funny!! Shocking, but funny! Good luck with that!!!!

  2. Helen, I still think you are absolutly amazing to have such a wonderful attitude with all that you are experiencing. Your kids are adorable and I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventures in American Samoa. Have a very Merry Christmas!! Hugs to you, Barbara

    • Thank you so much Barb. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too 🙂

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