Posted by: monsonmadness | December 23, 2011

Work party #4

So you may remember that Michael had four different Christmas parties with his work in the last 8 days. We missed the first one because it conflicted with my work party. We went to the second one which was a family fair at the football stadium. The third one was supposed to be at 6pm on Monday night with dinner for the family and showing Christmas lights. I have learned lots of lessons since I’ve been here, and I wasn’t going to put my kids through this one. Good choice on my part. We had our own family night and then put the kids to bed. At 7.30pm, Michael went over to the party to check it out, and they were just lining up to get food. My kids would not have lasted that long to eat, plus it was a school night! Good call to skip it for sure.

Well, tonight was the fourth and last party, an adults only dinner at a local restaurant. The invitation said 6.30-10.00pm, we knew it wouldn’t start on time, but they had asked us to come on time because they had raffle prizes, drink tickets etc to give away at the door. Like the responsible palagis that we are, we got our babysitter, and showed up at the restaurant at 6.30pm. We were the first ones there.

By 7pm we were a bit annoyed. By 7.30pm, another couple had shown up. By 8.00pm, there were still less than ten people, and at 8.30pm, they decided to start the party. Only 2 hours late, no big deal right? It was a strange night, quite awkward at many times, but quite fun at others. They were nice enough to speak in English most of the night (we were the only palagis of our group of about 40 people) except they changed over to Samoan to tell jokes and then laugh hysterically!

They had some ice breaker games which of course were really embarrassing for the most part. (Would have been more fun with close friends, or people that I at least knew!) They included a competition where we had to dress up as snowmen, an awful experience where we had to go on the dance floor and perform from a list of dances (butterfly, salsa, robot, Roger rabbit, bunny hop, bootie shake, hammer, chicken wing etc), and a fun game where we had to do a scavenger hunt in our handbags. I was pretty confident on this one. I felt for sure I would win some prizes for this one, since I have random things in my bag like antibiotic cream and bandaids, a blue smurf, hair bow, elastics and comb, trigrip pencil holder, headache pills, sanitary supplies, candy, you know, the things that every woman/Mom needs, just in case…I couldn’t believe how the game unfolded. They gave us a list of 16 things and I only had 5!!!! I thought I’d still be the winner, but all the other people had 12 or 13 things. Do you know what Samoans carry around in their purses? Green shoelaces, belt buckles, spare earrings, salt and pepper, I mean…really?

The dancing was definitely the worst, and you could hear them all saying things in Samoan with the word palagi in and then they’d laugh their heads off. Do you think it was my moves or Michael’s that they got such a kick out of?

The food was interesting. It was an Americanized restaurant for the most part, and there were two choices of meal, roast beef or swordfish. Michael ordered us one of each, can you guess who got which dinner???? The roast beef was fine, the swordfish was raw. There were tons of appetizers and lots of very strange things. Michael has a thing about eating meat off the bone, he just doesn’t like it, so when they brought us our own platter of pork bits with cartilage and veins hanging out everywhere, we passed. The cooked bananas that surrounded it were not appetizing either. In fact, we were not very brave at all, and skipped the sashimi and some other uncooked thing in a pot that they brought us. There was candy on the table, and we got two desserts, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate cake. I guess this is why we had to do so much fundraising to get enough money in the budget!

At 10pm, people were getting very drunk, and crying while giving very long speeches, they were also revealing their secret Santa gifts (which Michael had opted out of), so we tried to quietly sneak out. Not really possible for two palagis to sneak out of a restaurant when we’re carrying our large door prize and two candy baskets (consolation prizes for being terrible dancers and for having everyone laugh at us we think), so it was a bit embarrassing. We made some excuse about the babysitter and left. Hey, it’s not our fault they started 2 hours late!!!! A true Samoan party, and now we get a break…until next year!



  1. Sounds like quite an interesting night! You look very pretty!

  2. Starting the party two hours late would be very annoying!

  3. One thing about Samoans is that they start very late. I’ve been to many Samoan church youth meetings and they never start on time. But u learned it the hard way! And as for Samoan cuisine – only a few things taste good hahah

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