Posted by: monsonmadness | December 27, 2011


I only have a few minutes on an internet card, so this will be short with out all the pictures…sorry, there will be plenty to add when we get back.

The last few days have been filled with drama.

There was a small earthquake in American Samoa on Christmas day.

On boxing day (26th), we left for Western Samoa. It has been quite eventful. Looks like we started our trip at the same time windy/wet/hurricane season started. It has been pouring down ever since we got here with about three or four half hour breaks in which we have quickly tried to squeeze in some fun! Just found out it is called tropical cyclone Thane…guess it’s not a huge deal but it’s the first real action we’ve had and the kids are a little afraid!

Just as we were putting the kids to bed tonight, there was the loudest crash, and a palm tree had come crashing down within a foot of the bedroom window.

Hannah, Benjamin and I got super sea sick on the ferry on the 1 1/2 hour ride from Upolu to Savaii. Then we got into huge trouble on the ferry for not understanding the Samoan instructions on the loud speaker and getting to our car in time to unload the ferry. We stood waiting with the foot passengers totally oblivious, and they finally sent a very angry worker to find us and our car was the only one left on the boat! Ha! Ha!

Oh yes, and I ran over a dog today on the way back to the resort.

The good parts about the trip so far are that the flight was only 1 hour late (co-pilot had a hangover from Christmas day and was late showing up), the car (or huge bus) was ready for us at the airport, and the resort is amazing. The kids loved swimming in the pool in the rain and are exciting to try kayaking when the waves die down. We get an awesome free breakfast every morning, and we saw some amazing things today. Huge blowholes, black sand beach, waterfall and swimming pool, it was great. It wasn’t so great dropping the video camera in the water and having it break though. That part wasn’t cool.

Ok, well you’ll just have to be patient to hear more about the trip…

Signing out.


  1. Wow- crazy!! I hope the rest of the vacation is less exciting and more relaxing! Can’t wait to hear about the rest.

  2. That earthquake u felt was probably the one that caused the monsoon in the Phillipines

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