Posted by: monsonmadness | December 29, 2011


Oh my, we are having quite the experience here in Savaii, and rest assured, we will NEVER COME BACK!

Initially, we were so excited to come to this place, and it is truly a beautiful place, but I’m afraid we’ve just had too many bad experience here to not sour us on this place forever!

Now we have had some fun yesterday, the rain stopped in the afternoon and we enjoyed a canopy bridge in a rainforest and a cool cave tour, but we also feared for our lives and for our property.

The people here are psycho. No law, order, or reason. People wave you into their property when you want to go see a tourist attraction, then you ask how much it is, decide not to do it, and then they don’t let you leave until you pay them for driving onto their property. They threaten to close the gates and not let you out, all the while yelling at you and waving a rusty machete.

How about this? We pull over at a beach, no-one around, we get out for lunch, and the same thing happens, a very angry man wants us to pay him 120 tala ($60) because we ate lunch on his property. When we get up to leave he gets in our faces and threatens us, calling his “boss” on the phone to block the road and not let us out of the village. Lots more of that, not a good experience.

Anyway, that was yesterday and really soured us on this place, but today has been better and we have had fun. We walked on lava fields and swam with turtles this morning. This afternoon we are going kayaking. The kids are having a blast and the adults are worn out. Vacationing with small kids is hard work! We go to bed with them at 8pm!

Here is a little bit of information about Savaii: With a population of 42,000, Savai’i is third largest Polynesian island after Tahiti and New Zealand. It’s also one of the few places on earth where you can truly experience the simple pleasures of life. It is also the last place in the world to see the sunset each day. And what a sunset that is, we had a fantastic one last night…pictures to come…lots of them.



  1. Oh man- crazy people! That would be scary. Glad you’re having a little bit of fun inbetween craziness!

  2. Thanks for the Article, its my third time visiting your site and must say it is very interesting hope to check back soon.

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