Posted by: monsonmadness | December 30, 2011

New Year’s Eve

Michael and I do not really have special traditions for New Year’s Eve. His sister’s birthday is New Year’s Eve, and so the adults in the family always go out to dinner. Then we normally come home and go to bed. Thrilling huh?

Last year was a little different from the usual though…I had my tonsils taken out that day. It was a really last minute thing and I needed to get them done before the year end because I had already met my medical deductible having Emma, so the surgery would be free. Could I have cut it any closer to the end of the year? Oh the pain afterwards!!!! Not a great recovery, but I am SO glad that I had it done. Was definitely worth it. I’ve been so much healthier this year.

Anyway, this year for New Year’s Eve there are no birthday’s to celebrate and no surgeries to schedule. We are free to do whatever we want…although we don’t have access to a babysitter and we have 6 small children! Today we are leaving beautiful Savaii and headed to Upolu for 3 days. We hope to have lots more adventures as we have had this week.

Usually in Samoa, we are the very last place on the earth to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but, because the date line just got moved yesterday, we will now be the first country in the world to celebrate it! Ha! When we hit midnight, it is only 10am on Saturday for you Brits. So, since I will never have this opportunity again, let me be the very first person in the world (literally) to wish you a happy new year! Hope that 2012 brings love and happiness your way!


  1. Funny- the first person in the world! I hope you guys have fun in Upolu!

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