Posted by: monsonmadness | December 31, 2011

A colorful New Year

New Year’s Eve started off pretty much the same way we were expecting, travel from Savaii to Upolu on the ferry, buying food and checking into our apartment in Apia, and then time for a quick adventure with the kids. We chose snorkeling (more detailed account and photos when we return), then quick dinner, and home again for swimming in the pool and bed.

The kids were asleep by 8pm, and Michael and I wondered what to do. We turned on the TV, and had four choices…an evangelical minister who was suggesting that God could have artificially inseminated Joseph’s DNA into Mary so that Jesus really was Joseph’s son, the news in Samoan, some Samoan choirs singing, and a government report in Samoan. We tried each of them for a few minutes, and then decided to go to bed at 9pm. Thrilling huh? We really know how to live it up!

Well, I couldn’t get to sleep…Michael was over the moon that our bedroom had air conditioning, so he turned it up full blast and I lay shivering under the sheets! I must have laid there for a long time and was just starting to drift off when a crazy gecko in our room starting chirping really loudly. Awesome. Then, Mary, who was in our bedroom (4 people in each of the two bedrooms!) starting talking in her sleep. Great. Well, eventually I must have fallen to sleep, because we were both woken up as the locals rang in the New Year with their cheering and coconut bombs! No problem, guess we saw the New Year in after all. At least now I can get some sleep right?

Wrong! Michael is still too hot, I am still too cold, can’t get comfortable, gecko keeps chirping. Tossing and turning for another hour or so, and then at 1.30am, we are woken up by two Samoan men outside our apartment screaming at each other. They were going crazy. After they had used up all of their Samoan words, the good old English f word came out, and then they didn’t seem to remember any other words in either language, because they must have ranted and raved at each other using the f word over 100 times. No kidding. They were threatening to kill each other, shoot each other, and kept slamming things. We were really quite scared, and contemplated calling 911, but since our last episode with the police, decided against in. Besides, one of them had a girlfriend there, and we figured she had more responsibility to call for police than we did. We did not want to get involved in any more problems with angry Samoans thank you very much.

Anyway, after about an hour, everything went quiet. Michael fell asleep, and I continued to be mocked by the feisty gecko. We couldn’t believe our ears when the same two men started all over again at 3.30am. We felt for sure that this time someone was going to die. We really hadn’t expected our New Year’s Eve celebration to be so colorful (or to give us so little sleep). Thanks to a couple of extremely drunk Samoans, we were up almost the whole night on New Year’s Eve. Can’t say we’ve done that before!

5am hits, Michael is asleep, and Mary is asking me, “Mother, may I go to the toilet please?” I wasn’t as polite in my response to her!!!! Very little sleep made for a cranky Mom today as we celebrated New Year’s Day. We went to an English speaking LDS church, then ate lunch in the car as we drove around and saw some of the beautiful island and decided where we would spend our last day tomorrow. Poor Benjamin got stung by a wasp five times, and one of the waterfalls that we wanted to see was totally dried up, but the rest of the day was great. This island is magnificent. I can’t wait to work on my photos and get them up.

Was your New Year’s Eve as exciting as ours? Hope you got more sleep at  least!!!


  1. My New Year’s was definitely not as exciting as yours!! You are having quite the adventurous trip!!!

  2. So Helen, I had to smile. Our New Year’s Eve was not nearly as exciting, but it brings back memories with little ones, going on what we thought was going to be a quiet weekend away from home, only to have other people partying it up all night and keeping the rest of us awake who had children and had to be up in the morning for them.

    I’ve decided they should have one section in a hotel for party people and the other section for families. Maybe I’ll send that suggestion in someday.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    Love, Sharon

  3. Wow! What a series of unfortunate events! I hope you know how proud I am of you and all the trials you have conquered! I promise to do better about posting on my blog. It’s been crazy, crazy. You are always such a great example…even on the other side of the world!

  4. Thanks for the interesting read 🙂

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