Posted by: monsonmadness | January 7, 2012

Pretty drive and poopy pants

Day 6 – Sun 1 January

Happy New Year! We got to sleep in a little (all the way to 7am) this morning and then have a very lazy morning. We normally have church at 8am, so it was a luxury not to have it until 11am. We had a nice cooked breakfast and took our time taking showers and getting ready.

We went to the English speaking Pesega 5th Ward in Apia for church, and it was great. The kids behaved really well in Primary and the little ones enjoyed their nursery class.

We ate our bread and crisps in the car on Sunday after church as we drove around the island admiring the beautiful scenery. We took a lot of photos, sang a lot of songs, and played a lot of games.

Our favorite things to see were the Apia temple, Falefa falls, Saleapaga Beach with the leaning palm trees, and Papapapaitai Falls.

For those of you with small kids who have been reading our travelogue, you may think it all sounds too good to be true. Yes, we have seen a lot and done a lot, but it was never easy! Michael and I were worn out every night, and went to bed less than an hour after the kids did!

This day was hard because we did so much driving.  We had to teach a little boy how to pee in a bottle, we had a poopy pants explosion in the car, LOTS of gross potty breaks at the side of the road, and a son who got stung 5 times by a wasp at a waterfall site where the waterfall had dried up. Not too much fun, and quite a lot of tears. That’s all to be expected when traveling with kids though. Can’t believe we only have one more day of vacation left…


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