Posted by: monsonmadness | January 10, 2012

Of mice and men

Most of you know have read the book “Of mice and men”. We had a real life experience with this last week. Poor Lennie. Poor Matthew.

The kids were at my friend’s house while Michael and I went on a date. When we got home, we were treated to the following story. A big thanks to my friend Melinda for writing up this account on her blog and taking all the photos. (And by the way, I wasn’t “surprised” by the story, I was completely mortified! It took me a long time to take her seriously, I really thought she was joking as she was telling me the account!)

Here she is as a guest blogger for me today…

“I’ve mentioned before that we swap childcare with our friends the Monsons so each couple can go on dates. Last Thursday was our turn to host, so after homework and snacks we headed outside to play.
After a short time we heard Matthew run inside calling, “I caught a chick!” And he had! He had a baby chick in his hand. I asked him how he caught it and he said he just reached down and grabbed it. The kids were all very excited. I was too! I’ve been wanting to raise chickens. They run free all around, but I’d like my own for the eggs. So I was thrilled Matthew had caught it and ran to get a box.
They put the chick in the box, but it discovered a little hole in the side and ran out into the bushes. The kids all followed it and tried to recapture it for some time, but soon tired of the business.
But not Matthew. He wasn’t deterred. And after a few minutes he came back excited and said, “I caught it again!” Smile…. “But I accidentally stepped on it.” …Frown.

The poor thing didn’t look so good. It’s head was floppy, and it couldn’t stand on its legs. When they set it down, it didn’t move.

The kids were so cute about it.
Some comments: Are you okay, little chicky? He’s alive! He needs his Daddy. We think he’s injured. We accidentally stepped on him. In a while he might feel better. Be careful he might run away. Don’t worry, he’s okay. Stand back, he might run away any second. Surround him so he won’t run away.

They put him in the box so “he wouldn’t run away.” When he didn’t move, they thought he was taking a nap. So they put leaves and grass all around him to keep him comfortable.

They soon realized he wasn’t going to pull through, so they decided to give him a proper burial in the bushes. The grave marker still stands there today. It reads, “Ikey the chick, Died on 1/6/12.”

Their parents were surprised when we told them about the day. Well, we learned about the circle of life. It’s always an adventure here in American Samoa.


  1. Oh my- that is funny! And sad! Kids are so cute.

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