Posted by: monsonmadness | January 14, 2012


Here are a few random things that have happened this week…

1. Goodbye shower. What happens when you cross a shower with a very angry child? Answer…no shower. Our son pulled the whole thing out of the wall. I am glad that he didn’t rip the tiles out with it, because at least we can still shoot out water from the exposed pipe to clean ourselves. We really do have luxury bathroom facilities at the Monson residence!

2. Speaking of showers, I went to a baby shower today for a friend. There were about 30 palagis there who are all here working on contract. They are part of a tight group who get together often for parties and drinking. At the shower I was invited to a game of sloshball tomorrow. I didn’t know what that was, and when I asked I was told that it was like baseball, but with lots of booze and drinking. As she waited for a response the thoughts, “I don’t drink…we got to church on Sundays…and we have six children” all came to my mind. I politely declined. We don’t exactly fit in with the other palagis on the island. I do have to say that even though I don’t have very much in common with these women, they have all been so gracious and kind and inviting to me, especially at the shower where I didn’t know too many. They tried to invite me into their circle, and show interest. We have had dinner with a few other palagi people since we’ve been here, and they were all very friendly, but we are just at a different stage of life with our large family, so we don’t really hang out.  It’s all good though, I won a special prize at the shower for being the only person to know all the answers to the nursery rhyme quiz. Duh! That’s my specialty! Sometimes I forget that there are people out there who work and only associate with other adults. They were clueless on the nursery rhymes and didn’t know very many answers. I, on the other hand, am used to only communicating with small people in simple language!

3. It is super duper hot here. Please excuse this extremely unflattering photo of me (which is actually how I’ve looked every day for the last 7 months) but I had to show you what I face here. Every day when I get out of the nice air conditioned car to the outside world, my glasses steam up so much that I can’t see. At first it was funny. Now it’s just annoying.

4. I am a little bit sick of buying food at the store, and then coming home and finding that it’s rotten.

5. The Samoan police were out in full force on the roads today trying to enforce the 25mph speed limit. Watch out if you’re going 27mph. They will catch you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

6. We are not the only people to have to deal with machete threats, so we don’t have to take it personally any more. Can’t talk about what Michael does at work, but let’s just say that Samoans also threaten other Samoans with machetes when they don’t like something. Feel a bit better now.

7. Has a great afternoon when our long-time shipping Christmas presents arrived from Grandma. They were ordered online at the end of November, but you know the story…we were just thrilled that they arrived. We’ve had a couple of packages stolen so I was holding my breath on these ones. The kids were so excited to get an extra present after Christmas and we were happy that we didn’t have to entertain them for a couple of hours!

8. The ocean water is so clear. It’s really beautiful and we like being able to look down and see starfish and fish. Not so happy when we see these gross sea snakes around our ankles though. Yuck!

9. So they just finished building an apartment complex down our lane. What does this mean for us? More problems getting in and out of our lane which only fits one car, we always have to back down when another car is coming. It could also mean more dodgy neighbors who might take a liking to some of the things at our house, but for now, it means opening party and some boombastic music that has been blaring for hours over the loudspeakers. We’ve been entertained all day with the Macarena, electric slide, shake your bootie, and really… when was the last time you heard Agadoo? That one was a blast from the past!

10. Lastly, I could resist this one. This week we bought a used dresser for the girl’s room complete with dead cockroach, gecko and snail in the drawers. We cleaned it out and tidied up their room this morning. We were organizing all of the clothes and shoes. Emma found herself some high heels and was off. I love this photo!



  1. wow.

  2. That picture of Emma is so cute!! The picture of the snake is disgusting! The picture of you is funny! And the picture of your shower- I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened at our house with the way one of my boys hates showers so much!!

  3. Wow — what an eventful week!

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