Posted by: monsonmadness | February 3, 2012

Keeping me up at night

Michael is in Washington DC right now, and you would think that I would be able to spread out on our big bed and have a great night sleep every night right? Wrong!

I have been having real issues with sleeping this week and it’s because my nights go something like this…

9:30 pm – I go to bed and try to sleep. Huge plane flies overhead and shakes the house

10:00 pm – Teenagers playing and singing their ukulele outside

10:30 pm – Church bells ringing

11:00 pm -Women talking outside bedroom window

11:30 pm – Men talking outside bedroom window

Midnight – Cars starting outside the house and driving away on the gravel lane

1:30 am – Little boy sleepwalks into my room and tries to pee in the drawer of my bedside table

2:00 am – Huge rainstorm with loud rain pounding on the roof

2:30 am – Little girl wakes up scared of the power cut and how dark it is. She can’t find the toilet and panics

3:30 am – Dogs start going crazy outside and bark for about 30 minutes

4:30 am – Roosters start crowing

5:30 am – Little children climb into my bed for snuggles

6:00 am – Time to get up and start the day!

I’ve been quite tired this week ;0


  1. Oh my gosh- how are you functioning??? That is crazy!!! But the sleepwalking boys is pretty funny!

  2. I hate nights like that. I can’t imagine multiple nights. I would barely be functioning.

  3. goodness. . . maybe you should get some ear plugs. Although I laughed out loud about the boy trying to use the drawer. One of Angel’s favorite stories of himself was when I woke him to use the toilet, and he headed for his desk instead of the hallway to the bathroom. He laughs and laughs.

    Hope you get more sleep soon.

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